Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Incredible luck on an X Chromosome match

Several days ago while I had my One-to-Many Comparison tool results open for my kit at , I decided that it might be nice to know who I shared the largest segment matches with on the X Chromosome.  This led me to do a sort by largest on my results.  Of my results, I could tell that 3 were results for one person who had tested with 3 companies and uploaded, the top one along with two more on down the list all appeared to be managed by the same person given the contact email.

I went and looked at those three kits using the Chromosome browser to see if they matched me on the same segments.   They did despite not having any Autosomal relationship at the given perimeters of  7cM / 700 SNPs.  I figured there would be no harm in emailing the person who managed the accounts and asking to give me a little background on their ancestors and noted that mine were mainly in TN by the time it became a state and prior to that NC, SC and VA.  Best experience ever contacting a potential cousin!!!  Today I received an email with a note letting me know that she did indeed manage the 3 kits and that the kits were those of her grandmother, her grandmother's sister and the son of another of her grandmother's sisters.  She also sent me a guest invite to her file at Ancestry and within 5 minutes I knew how we were connected.  Our Most Recent Common Ancestors are my 5th Great Grandparents, James Knox and  Elizabeth Craig Knox.  The Knox, Craig, Eoff, Jakes, Sutton and Morrow families seemed to have moved in clusters from the early 1700s on til about 1900.

While the X chromosome inheritance pattern is known(it differs depending on the gender) there seems to be no set rule for what it does.  I am still learning after having only been at this for less than 2 weeks.  This X match segment is from my Daddy and yes it is his Mom's that she received from her Dad...and that her Dad received from his Mom who got it from her Mom who got it from her Mom...who got it from either James Knox or Elizabeth Craig Knox.  I could never just say "I found a 6th cousin once removed"  I have to tell you how.  

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