Saturday, January 10, 2015

My AncestryDNA Autosomal Results are in.

My AncestryDNA test results came back yesterday afternoon and as promised I am following up with a post comparing my prediction to Ancestry's interpretation of my Autosomal DNA test.

My prediction
Area Percentage
English 68.75%
Scottish 12.50%
Irish 6.25%
Austrian 3.13%
Manx 3.13%
Unknown 6.25%

The Africa Southeastern Bantu, Asia South, Iberian Peninsula and Caucasus parts which are less than 1% are likely "noise" from recombination of the DNA although it could be some of what is left in small amounts from generations way back.  I am as I suspected a vast majority of English/Irish/Scottish mix.  I was surprised to see 2% Scandinavia.  I have uploaded my raw data to Family Tree DNA and looking for connections there as well as having uploaded to GEDmatch.

I have connected with a 2nd cousin once removed almost immediately after viewing my results.  This connection was through GrGr Grandparents David Pitman & Mary F. Adcock Pitman. His Grandfather was their son David H. Pitman (a younger brother of my Great Grandmother Nancy Florence Pitman Luna)

Ancestry doesn't have a chromosome browser where you can compare results one on one or triangulate to see if your connections are through your paternal or maternal lines.   From what I've heard so far, there are no plans for one in the near future.  They do have the best turn around rate.  I have results in less than a month...and that,to me, is excellent.

I foresee many more posts about this topic as I analyze my results and hopefully convince one or more of my siblings and my mother and cousins to test as well.

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