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Names from Williamson Co TN--1838 Tax list for Dist 25

Snippet from the C section of the 1838 Tax list for Williamson Co Tennessee's 25th Dist. which includes my Wm C Cook and Joseph Cook among the Crick family which married heavily in the Putman(Wm. C's in-laws) family.

Names shown on the Dist 25 listing.  The writing was a bit difficult to read but not as bad as some I've come across.  I'm sure there are errors on my part.

Williamson Co TN
1838 Tax List Names
p. 265 p. 266 p. 267 p. 268 p. 269
Thomas Berry James Gillespie Harper Lamb E. G. Porter Robert Taylor Sr.
C. W. Brooks Carol B Haley Merriman Lamb William K Ransom Wm ? Taylor
Wilson Basham Thomas Hendrix Delilah Landrum Josiah Reed Vincent Taylor
N.D. Cowan Anderson Hall William Little Clarence Reed Valentine Taylor
John Jr. Crick Miles Holstead Andy Lewis William Reed Robert Taylor Jr.
Jacob Crick Joseph Holstead David Lamb Jr. James Reeves Thomas S. Taylor
Wm H. Crick Benjamin Holstead John Little Sr. Willis Richardson William Taylor
Job Cooper E. W Hendrix William Lamb James Richardson Benjamin B Taylor
John Creek William Hill John Little Jr. John Ransom Wm. D. Tharp
A. C. Crick Robert A Hunt Alfred Little Elizabeth Ransom John C Wilks
Wm C Cook John Hogan Thomas Lamb Richard Ransom heirs John Wood
Joseph Cook Mary Hendrix William Malone Kinchen Reed heirs Harvy Winsett
E ? Crick Francis Jackson Sr. Robert Maxwell Samuel B. Robison David Young
Thomas Call Sarah Jackson William McCoy Hiram Ray
Gideon Cole William Jackson William Putman Jane Seay
Thomas Carlton Thomas Jones Hardy Pope Jr. John Sharber
Thomas Cole Thomas Jackson Charles Pope John E. Sharber
Uriah Call Nathan Jackson Abner Potts John G. Smotherman
Richard Crittenden Frank Jackson Nancy Putman HB & JO Snell
Henry Cowan Richard Jackson James Putman John Sharber Sr.
Felix Grundy Crick Samuel Jackson Noah Putman Thomas Taylor (young)
Good Davis Barram Lamb John H. Pryer James C Taylor
E.C. Eggleston Thomas Landrum Amos Putman Thomas Taylor Sr
John W Eggleston John Landrom Hardy Pope Sr. William Trails
Wiliam Fear David Lamb Sr. Hillary Paterson Joseph Taylor
William C Lewis Hiram Putman James J Taylor
Thomas Priest

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