Friday, February 16, 2024

Worked on My Daughter's Paternal Ancestry--The German and English Immigrants

AncestryDNA has updated communities so I checked for my daughter Brittany's test results but was disappointed that they still do not show any communities for her Germans which settled in Franklin County Indiana abt 1839.  I do understand that there are not many German testers, but this was an area with a high amount of German settlers--among them Beckman, Braun, Weidekuehn, Gessell, Bossert, Ritter, Wirth,  Those lines are represented in Thrulines so I don't feel like it is a lack of testers.

I checked her matches at MyHeritage from her DNA upload and found a Gessell descendant among her DNA matches. Not one from Phillip Leonard Gessell the immigrant, but a generation further back with descendants still living in Germany who have tested.  This totally made our day.  Worked on adding more information to that portion of the tree and added the segment to DNA Painter for my daughter's chromosome painting.  The Gessell line is back thru the ancestry of Brittany's paternal grandfather.   I have attached a screenshot below showing how it appears in her chromosome painting at DNAPainter.  She is fortunate that 3 of her 4 grandparents have DNA tested and I am able to use that to do a visual phasing of her chromosomes to determine each of those grandparents contribution to her DNA.

Found some additional info for the Gessell line and then started working on her English lines at FamilySearch.  Her Folley line was the most recent of any of her ancestors to immigrate to the US. I like to work on that line at FamilySearch since I cannot justify getting a World Explorer subscription for just that one portion of my research, especially when I can find records for that area elsewhere for free.  

Worked on getting her ancestors linked in the FamilySearch tree so that her fan chart would fully display.  She was impressed and it really didn't take much work once I had the more recent generation linked.

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