Friday, November 17, 2023

Clues in Franklin Co NC Wills & Inventory Volumes

I've read thru the record book listed below and wanted to mention a few of the items that I found listed in the volume.

Will and inventory records, and index, devisor and devisee, 1785-1964 (Franklin Co. NC)
Franklin Co NC Wills, Inventories, 1804-1812, Vol. C  Film # 18904
Filmed by The Genealogical Society of Utah in 1943 Louisburg NC
Digitized by    DGS # 4755060

The account of the sale of the property of Absalom Rush deceased which took place on 9th of October 1807, begins on Image 205 of  630.  I noticed William Cook listed as a purchaser of Iron hooks.  Another purchaser at the sale is John Cook who purchases 1 trumpet & rule.  There is a notation after his name which says " (of Wm.)". Does that mean he is the son of William Cook?   I don't know but it's something to investigate.  Other purchasers' surnames include Bower, Perry, Denson, Pulliam McLemore and of course many of the Rush family.  John Hornsby is also mentioned.  John is the son in law of William Cook(John married William's daughter Sally.) 

The sale of the property of John Nicholson deceased (Sold 25th Nov 1807) begins on Image  211 of 630 lists Wm Cook who purchases a heifer and Pope Cook who purchases a sow & 5 pigs.  This is the first time I've noticed the name Pope Cook rather than just Wm P Cook. I believe William Cook is Pope's father and that his middle name may have been used here to keep the accounts from being confused.  Other purchasers at the sale were Bowers, Denson, Fuller, Hester, Kimball, Gill, Perry, and of course Nicholson.  Many of the purchasers are those enumerated near William Cook and William P Cook in the 1810 US Federal Census of Franklin County, North Carolina.  

William Cook also purchases 5 barrels of corn from the estate of John Gholson in 1808 as shown on 285 of 630.  The widow Gholson is the Mrs Fanny Gholson listed one page over from William Cook in the 1810 US Federal Census of Franklin County, North Carolina.(Image 285 of 630)

Looking at some of the family trees I noticed that Fanny Gholson's maiden name is listed as Tourman.  The trees also list John Gholson as son of John Gholson Sr. and Esther May Cooke.  Esther Mae was born about 1720 in Orange Co. Virginia.  There were no sources so could be nothing but I do need to check in to that.

Interestingly enough the Mathew Dickenson who is the witness on the Gholson Estate papers must have been a lawyer and a lover of books as his estate inventory & sale is a fascinating look at books of the early 1800s.  These are just a few of the many interconnections I found between the families who were listed in the volume of records covering the years 1804-1812.  Do yourself a favor and read thru a few of the volumes of unindexed books which cover areas and time periods where you have a research interest.   You never know what you may find.

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