Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Comparing my DNA Ethnicity Chromosome Paintings at FTDNA, 23&me, and AncestryDNA


Ancestry Composition Chromosome Painting at 23andMe for my DNA Test

FamilyTreeDNA's Chromosome Painter for my test
Which was an Upload of my AncestryDNA taken in 2014

Chromosome Painted Ethnicity of my AncestryDNA test

Summary:  There isn't much which stands out in my DNA painting but I can see a few things.  Ancestry and 23andMe seem to agree that I have DNA most resembling folks from Finland at the tips of Chromosome 1 & 2.  Those are the Paternal Tips for both 1 & 2. My Mom has no Finland ethnicity showing at her Ancestry test so that did help me to assign the parent portions. FTDNA and 23andMe also seem to agree on a small snippet of African DNA on Chromosome 6 and since it's not showing up that way on Mom's test there it should be paternal.  

By consulting my DNA Match Painted Chromosomes at DNAPainter I can see that the Chrom 1 & 2 segments are from my paternal grandfather's King / Manire ancestry so that connection would be somewhere back along those.  The paternal Chrom 6 for me is almost all from my paternal grandmother and this looks to be in a section which would be either Morrow / Sutton or Frizzell / Manley.  I believe this is the same portion that FTDNA at one time was identifying as Sephardic Jewish Ethnicity.

I looked at my Mom's Ancestry DNA Chromosome Painted Ethnicity.  Hers is a lot more colorful than mine.  Where she has Norway, Denmark & Sweden, and Wales Ethnicity the ethnicity pretty much covers the entire chromosome side.  I've not been able to figure out which side of hers is which parent yet.  I hope that I can eventually.  

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