Monday, November 15, 2021

Clues from a Query in an Old County Quarterly

Older quarterlies for areas of interest are often an overlooked resource.  I've been reading some Granville Co NC Quarterlies online and noticed that another researcher was interested in Thomas Abraham SMITH and Elizabeth HIGHT.  This researcher placed a Query in the Spring 1995 quarterly asking about Thomas Smith---more specifically who were his parents and what happened to his children.  This interested me because my siblings and I have a group of people we match along with other descendants of  our 2nd Great Grandparents, Wm Clifford Cook & Elizabeth Putman.  This group of unknowns all seem to be descendants of John Hight and Eleanor Nichols.  

Represented Branches:

  • Charnel Hight
  • Harbird/Harbert Hight
  • Elizabeth Hight Smith
  • William Moore Hight

Wm Clifford Cook's parents are unknown so it is possible that the Hight connection might be somewhere back in his parents' ancestry.  The original poster didn't state her exact connection but I was able to find an obituary for her(she passed in 2016) and determine that she was the 4th Great Grandchild of Thomas Abraham Smith & Elizabeth Hight Smith using information found in that obituary. The query also gave some addition details that I had not yet found which I can add to my research on that group..


Granville Connections-Journal of the Granville County Genealogical Society, 1746." Vol. 1, No. 2, (Spring 1995) "Queries" p 36  Query # 3-95. Imaged at

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