Friday, June 25, 2021

Rutherford Co TN Tax Records at FamilySearch


We are so lucky to have so many free records online at FamilySearch.  The Tax Books for Rutherford Co Tennessee District 10 were my focus yesterday as I collected the information from the entries of my Great Grandfather, William Green Cook--a resident there from 1912 thru 1944. I collected the information and organized it in a Google Sheet which I saved as a PDF along with notes/observations and source information.  This process made it easy to upload the PDF to my Family Tree at Ancestry in William Green Cook's gallery.   After uploading the PDF,  I used the custom event and named one Property Tax for each year.  Below is a screenshot of the first sheet of the PDF file to give you an idea of what information I logged.

This information gave me some ideas of other places in which to look for clues about my Great Grandfather.  

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