Friday, June 18, 2021

Concerning the apprenticeship of John Cook in Franklin Co. NC(Dec 1785)

I read through some Franklin Co NC Apprentice Records and just a few pages in found a Cook who had been apprenticed.  The following is a warrant advising the man he had been apprenticed to that he needed to appear in court.  Also the note from the court minutes was found and included below.  I don't know which John Cook this is yet nor what trade the two men mentioned would have been teaching him.  Hope to find more but wanted to get this posted

Mr Josiah Jackson
This day Patience(Mary) Cook hath lodged a
complaint against you for your mal
conduct in the treatment of John Cook an 
orphan child bound to you.  You are to
take notice that you attend the second
day of our court next in the present
month to show cause if any you have
why this said John Cook should not be
taken from you and bound unto some
person that will treat him as the
law directs and for the present that you
do not abuse the child.  Given under my hand
Seal this 13th Dec'r 1785-- Wm Green

Outer side of Warrant

Warrant    State to Jo. Jackson

To Mr Josiah Jackson  Franklin County

Bound to Ben Westray
Indenture Made

I hereby Certify that I am
willing to relinquish any right
to the within mentioned boy if
the court sees proper to bind him
to Ben Westray

jo jackson

Source:  Warrant to Mr Josiah Jackson. Imaged in "North Carolina, U.S., Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998" database with images, (  accessed 18 Jun 2021) > Franklin > Apprentice Bonds and Records, 1785-1903 Image 7-8 of 311.

Ordered John Cook orphan who was formerly bound
to Josiah Jackson be removed from his service and
that he be bound to Benjamin Westray til he
arrives to the age of twenty one years he being now
_____ the age of eight years.

Source: Franklin, Court Minutes, Dec 1785 Concerning Apprenticeship of John Cook"  North Carolina, U.S., Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998  database with images, (  accessed 18 Jun 2021)  >Franklin > Court Minutes, 1785-1805 Image 9 of 641 (Book pg 4 of 1785-1794 yrs)

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