Thursday, February 27, 2020

RootsTech 2020--Day 2--Thur. Feb. 27th

Day 2 of RootsTech 2020. Here is my take on Thursday's happenings from the viewpoint of someone who is #NotAtRootsTech

Thursday's Live Streams

Unlocking the Power of the FamilySearch Wiki—Danielle Batson, Jenny Hansen, Jeff Svare
This session was awesome!  Chocked full of great information about the vast number of pages and historical records articles available to help you with your research.  I love the Guided Research experience. While this is is great for the new researcher I feel like it would also keep any researcher on track.  I really had not realized how much information they had out there on the wiki.  Incredible!

German Research for the Everyday American—Karynne Moses
Items key to German research are
  • finding the spelling variations of the name
  • Learning to recognize/read the handwriting
  • Locating the town in Germany from which they came
  • Finding records for that home area
  • Navigating the records
Search for German Hometown  variations
A subscription site with German records a subscription site of Protestant records

General Session featuring Leigh Anne Tuohy

6.4 Million family tree added by users
108 million photos and documents added by users
1.8 Billion records added by Ancestry
There are now a total of 24 billion records available at Ancestry
All of the WWII Draft Cards are available on Ancestry

Leigh Anne Tuohy who is an advocate for adoption and whose story was the basis for the film "The Blind Side" gave a very inspirational talk.about what happens when you "invest time in someone and offer them hope." 

DNA, Genealogy, and Law Enforcement: All the Facts—Blaine Bettinger
This talk is not meant to be for or against LE using DNA databases or about whether you should or shouldn't opt-in but is to give you information about what is involved so that you can make an informed decision on what is right for you. Informed Consent is key.  Each of the DNA databases(This includes the 4 major testing companies and GEDmatch)  have their rules for how they deal with Law Enforcement  This is a complicated subject and you really need to download the syllabus in order to review them all  Get the RootsTech app and download the handout for this session. 

Tackling Difficult Chapters of our Family History—Cheri Daniels
Humanity is Complex.  Let's try to be empathetic because we really don't know what a person has been through on their journey.  Great points Cheri made.  I think one thing that she pointed  out which struck me was that we should resist the urge to hide the difficult chapters.  I firmly believe this.  

Thursday's Hottest News
For me today's biggest news was Ancestry's DNA Match tool which Crista Cowen introduced on Facebook Live Event  from the Ancestry booth at RootsTech today.  I think it's supposed to start rolling out over the next week.

Check out the recorded sessions posted at

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