Friday, January 24, 2020

Live Streams from RootsTech SLC 2020 announced

The Live Streaming Schedule for RootsTech Salt Lake City 2020  was released today.  You can find the complete list by clicking on the hyperlinked words above.  I've looked over the schedule and  picked my top three I'm planning on catching Wednesday thru Saturday.  I'm normally part of the #NotAtRootsTech crowd and this year is no exception.  While I'm at home I usually watch RootsTech on my Roku television but you can watch it on a computer, phone or tablet as well.  This is great because I'll probably have to catch some of the earlier Thursday sessions via my phone as Thursday morning is my weekly chemo treatment til early April.  RootsTech is offering a Virtual Pass again this year for those who want to be able to see additional sessions.  You can find more information on that below the list of Live Stream sessions on the RootsTech website.

My Top 3 from each day of RootsTech SLC 2020

Wednesday Feb. 26th

  • What's New At Ancestry--Crista Cowan
  • Adding Branches to your Family Tree Using DNA--Angie Bush
  • Finding your Elusive Ancestors--Julie Stoddard

Thursday Feb. 27th

  • Unlocking the Power of the FamilySearch Wiki--Danielle Batson, Jenny Hansen, Jeff Svare
  • DNA Genealogy, and Law Enforcement:  All the Facts--Blaine Bettinger
  • Tackling Difficult Chapters of our Family History--Cheri Daniels

Friday Feb. 28th

  • 2019: Year of the Copyright--Judy Russell
  • City Directories and other New Collections on MyHeritage--Mike Mansfield
  • Preserving the Fabric of our Families--Jennifer Hadley

Saturday Feb. 29th

  • Ancestry on the Go:  Ancestry App Suite--Peter Drinkwater, Kenric Russell, Victoria Smith
  • Healing & Family History: The Emotional Side--Robin Wirthlin
  • Intro to What Are The Odds?(WATO)--Leah Larkin

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