Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Which Andrew McElroy?

I certainly need to further investigate this.  I have two ancestors named Andrew McElroy--my 3rd grandfather(Andrew J. McElroy) and his father, Andrew McElroy who would both be in that area of Tennessee.  I don't believe it would have been either of them.  It certainly couldn't have been Andrew J. McElroy who would have been about 1 year old otherwise I would not have been here.  I do have a death date for his father the elder Andrew McElroy and it is June of 1864--some 43 years after this was published.   That date comes from a short bio written about his son, Andrew J. McElroy who was a state senator [pages 262-263 of Compendium of Biography--published by Ogle Co. 1898.]. It seems likely that these are somehow connected to mine because of the name and the area, especially given that Andrew McElroy's wife was Martha Shropshire.

Nashville Whig (Nashville, Tennessee)  17 Oct 1821, Wed  Page 3
From www.newspapers.com

I found the two names together in 1825 White Co TN on the tax list 4 years AFTER the article.  Is there another Andrew McElroy?  I know that descendants of the elder Andrew McElroy have continued the name but wonder if there were two in this area during that time period and if not, why was this ad posted.  There is a Hick Shropshire that dies in TX in the late 1830s.  Would love to know more about this.  Perfect excuse to make a timeline, as if I needed an excuse.

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