Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A mtDNA full sequence, upgrade to Y67 and atDNA test for my only remaining paternal aunt

Family Tree DNA has their Holiday sale on with a variety of test packages and upgrades available.  I took advantage of the sale over the Black Friday Weekend.  I purchased an upgrade of my brother's YDNA-37 test to 67 markers, a Family Finder(FTDNA's autosomal test) for my Dad's only living sibling and a mtDNA Full sequence for my daughter. For the tests that I manage,  I have more Promo codes than I can possibly use so I am posting the ones from this week here if anyone needs them feel free to see if they are still active.

FTDNA Coupon Codes Expires Dec. 3, 2017
R29G306PJY3Y $30 off Y-DNA67 ($229 before coupon)
R292SNRLTF2F $30 off Y-DNA67
R24NNLLESIQJ $30 off Y-DNA67
R24NPHFTQ29P $20 off Y-DNA111($299 before coupon)
R29I62CN9KJ4 $30 off Y-DNA111
R24MV668ZWLC $25 off Big Y
R243MEFJ3C4O $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111($129--$229--$299 before coupon)
R29IQPH8SF6E $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111  **
R290PL8LF5XQ $20 off Y37, Y67, or Y111  **
R29OVXD7IEE5 $30 off mtFull Sequence($169 before coupon)
R29RF52ROJOC $30 off mtFull Sequence
R298XY65U1OO $20 off any purchase of $150 or more
R29FEFEP6LGM $20 off any purchase of $150 or more

I will post the ones for this next week as soon as I get them.  I'm already really excited about seeing the results of the tests I purchased as well as seeing a bunch of new matches show up from all the sales at FTDNA and AncestryDNA.

If these coupons do not work they have probably been used by another one of my readers.  I offer them on a first come first serve basis.  

** Some people have reported that they were able to use the Y 37/67/111 coupons on upgrades.

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