Tuesday, May 03, 2016

AncestryDNA's new update: Before & After comparison using my kits

After 2+ weeks without matches to my AncestryDNA kits and waiting on my sister's kit to finish processing the results are in.  As I logged on shortly after lunch today I saw this message and started seeing my sister as a match in the kits I manage.

I have several kits at AncestryDNA:  Mine, My Mom's kit and my Daughter's kit.
I made note prior to the changes of the amount of Hints, 4th Cousins & Greater, DNA Circles, New Ancestor Discoveries and pages of matches each of the kits had.  The chart below shows a comparison.  I did expect the amount of circles to decrease as some people fell out of the match range. My sister's kit had no data prior to the roll out as it had not processed.

Now I am hoping to get her kit to GEDmatch.  Have you tested at Ancestry?  How did yours compare?

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  1. A lot of more unaccurate the relationship prediction from my several test on charge with at least 40 real third cousins relationship only the 10% is suggested like 3rd cousin the most of them are suggested 4-6 cousin or distant. The real 4rd cousin only the 35% is in the 4-6 range and around 40% are suggested distant, and 1/4 no detected at all. To have the “sharing with” option limitated to “ancestry detected 4rd cousin” has not sense at all because they are failing detecting them.