Saturday, January 21, 2017

John Wright of Williamson Co TN --1809--Books in estate inventory of merchant

Book Inventory from the estate of a merchant
Once again while looking thru Probate Records of my Ogilvie line I have happened upon another file near it with a listing of book titles or types.  This listing was a store inventory list which was part of the estate of John Wright of Williamson Co. TN(1809).  I've copied the listing here and I'm sure there are spelling errors.  I did alphabetize the list.
  • Beauties Poetry
  • Bibles
  • Blank Books
  • Chapter Books
  • Church of England Prayer Books
  • Clarissa Harlowe
  • Dwight's Geography
  • Enticks Dictionary
  • Franklin's Works
  • French Revolution
  • Gandenetia De Lucca
  • Gibson's Surveying
  • Goldsmith's England
  • History of England
  • Hymn Book
  • Immortal Wester
  • Johnstone's Dictionary
  • Large Bible
  • Lord Rivers
  • Manson Spelling Book
  • Married Lady's Companions
  • Maury Primmers
  • New England Primmers
  • Reading Made Easy
  • Roman Catholic Prayer Books
  • School Master's Assistant
  • Scots Sessions
  • Small Hymn Book
  • Spelling Books
  • Stephen De Bourbon
  • Tale of Times
  • Testaments
  • Vendee War
  • Vision Columbus
  • Volumns of Charlotte
  • Washingtons Monuments Tennessee, Divorce and Other Records, 1800-1965 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2007.Williamson Co. Divorce, Probate and Other Records 1800-1899, Wo-Za Description Images 978, 979, 1000 & 1001 of 1833 Tennessee, Divorce and Other Records, 1800-1965

Original data: Tennessee. County records. Nashville, Tennessee: Tennessee State Library and Archives. Microfilm roll numbers 99 to 108, 115, 336 to 337, 428 to 431, 519, A-4098, A-5278, B-1 to B-9, B-44 to B-127, B-314, B-441 to B-445, B-471 to B-473, B-1607 to B-1613, and B-1781 to B-1789.


  1. Is there a blue Mooring Book about the Moorings from Moooring, Lake county, Tenn. Published by Tiptonville, Tenn???

    1. Hi Ruth :-) This listing is from the inventory in the 1809 probate record for John Wright(store owner). I checked the FamilySearch catalog where I should be able to find one but I don't know if I didn't use the right search combo or what but didn't get a bite. There is a Mooring bio in the Goodspeed history for Lake Co TN It's online at This is near the general area where my Grandfather was born in 1892. born in Fulton Co KY(Jordan) and lived up to just a month short of his 102 birthday. We have no idea why he was born in KY...His family had been in Dekalb/White/Warren Co TN area(yes about the point where they all 3 meet so you have to check all counties for records) since the early 1800s I wish I would have asked him about it. Not sure he would have known though as his Mom died when he was 7 yrs old. Some times you can find books thru the site as well. Also it might not hurt to call the Lake Co TN library. Lately I have had a good bit of luck emailing or calling libraries.