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Cooke family info in Rev War Pension of Harwood Pope's Widow

Sworn statement by Shemuel Cook of Franklin Co NC August 4th 1843 which was included in the Revolutionary Pension Application File of Elizabeth Bowers Pope(widow of Harwood Pope)

This 1840 US Federal Census Entry for Franklin Co NC shows a Shemuel Cook who is likely the same one in the above affidavit.

From page 27 of the previously mentioned pension file at Fold3 is a letter from Wm H Strother to Mr. H. W. Brummell  (transcribed below)


Mr. H W Brummell Louisburg 12th Aug 1843


Annexed is the certificate
of Shemuel Cooke relative to the marriage of
Harwood Pope. Mr. Cooke was that the marriage
but is unable to state the precise time but is
confident it took place within the time specified
on the certificate. The marriage can be established
by three other persons one of them Claiborne
Cooke the brother of Shemuel who resides in Granville
County. The other two are Rhody Jones & Katherine
Hill both of the county. Should the certificate
of Shemuel Cooke be insufficient I will attend
to the taking of the others immediately after hearing
from you. I shall however be absent from home
about three weeks--neither of the three above
mentioned recollect the precise time when the marriage
took place but were all present and witnessed it.

Mr. Shemuel Cooke is a man of good
character and his statement on oath would not
be questioned where he is known. My Mother was present but of tender years she has no particular
recollection of the time further than she was told that she
was eight years old. I concluded not
to take her certificate. present me to my Aunt

Yours Respectfully
Wm H. Strother

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