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George's Time at Eastern State and Western State Penitentiary

I haven't written about George Solifelt in awhile as I've been focused on the Cook research with my new discoveries but I did want to update with the information about the time period in which he was an inmate at Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania.

Date/Time Served:  29th Jun 1870 thru 12th Jan 1872

Eastern State Penitentiary:   29th Jun 1870 to  13th Jun 1871 (Prisoner # 6718) The following image is from the Warden's Daily Journal on the day he was received at Eastern State.

George and 26 other prisoners were transferred June 13th 1871 "by virtue of an act of assembly"  The Eastern State Penitentiary Warden's Daily Journal for that date says that they were sent under the charge of Michael J Cassidy and five other of our officers without carrying with them pistols or other fire arms.

The entry for the 14th says they received a telegram at 1:20pm announcing the safe arrival of the prisoners at Pittsburg.

Western State Penitentiary: 14 Jun 1871 to 12th Jan 1872 (Prisoner # 4026)The following image is from the Warden's Daily Journal on the day he was released from Western State.

Part of the Intake process requires that they log descriptions of the inmates

The description of George's tattoo 
Western State Penitentiary: Descriptive Register (Roll 412)
Image 208 of 268


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