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Chapel Hill Tornado Tuesday 10th May 1921 4pm

Chapel Hill Tennessee Hard Hit by Terrible Tornado
About Twenty Buildings Either Damaged, Wrecked or Blown Away

Tuesday 10th May 1921 4pm

Third Storm to go thru Chapel Hill in 40 days

No Fatalities

Mrs Martha Marshall(age 65) Slightly hurt when son Gilbert Marshall's home was blown down
  • Houston & Ligett Inc, Pencil Mill--damaged
  • Lawrence Bros. Grocery Store--Wrecked
  • Elgin Cooper's Store--Wrecked
  • Chapel Hill Creamery--Wrecked
  • Methodist Church--Wrecked
  • Chapel Hill High School Gymnasium--Wrecked
  • Cumberland Presbyterian Church--Damaged
  • Cumberland Telephone Co.--considerable loss
Residential Damages
Blown Down:
  • T. H. Lawrence
  • Mrs. T. M. Lawrence
  • R. N. Shofner
  • Elgin Cooper
  • Gilbert Marshall
  • George Crofton
  • Robert Elder's Tenant House & 2 barns

Residences on Creamery Street badly damaged.

The Marshall Gazette Friday May 13th 1921 imaged by TN State Library & Archives
Vol. 44, no. 40 (3 Oct. 1917[9?])-v. 47, no. 35 (1 Sept. 1922)  Image 602 of 1068
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  1. My little hometown in Arkansas was hit by a devastating tornado back in 1997. I can't imagine what it would be like to live through one back in the early 1900's. My family and I just got back from vacation in Galvenston and learned about the hurricane in 1900. Terrifing! Just found your blog and enjoying it. Thanks.