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Williamson County TN School Census Records

Williamson Co TN records of the school census for that county are online but not yet indexed at  I was extremely glad to find them as I'm always looking for more clues for my 2nd Great Grandfather William Clifford Cook and I knew he was on the 1838 tax list in District 25 of Williamson Co TN.

The School Census section of that film begins on image 934 of 2937 

The School census start in 1838 with reports from each of the districts which list the name of the adult and how many children from their household are in the age range for attending schools.  The range changes a bit over the first few years.  In the beginning it was children over 6 and under 16 but by 1842 it appears to change to above 6 and under 21.  The Districts weren't always in order so I had to read over them to seek out the 25th District which I wanted to check.

A check of the years 1838-1849 gives me the following results

My William C Cook is only on the 1841 School Census listed as having one child over 6 and under 16 as of 30th of June of that year.  That one child in the age range for school is Wm C Cook's oldest daughter Minerva Cook.  This may be her first year of school.  Wm C Cook was on the Bedford Co TN Dist 10 tax lists for 1836 & 1837.  He wasn't listed in Bedford Co TN on the 1838 list but rather in Williamson Co TN as I previously stated.

By 1844, there is no longer a listing for District 25 due to county boundary changes which seem to already be a bit "hazy" to begin with.  Years 1850-1853 do not appear with the records but they do resume in 1854.

Below is my attempt at a transcription of Williamson Co TN Dist 25 School Census

A List of the Names of the parents & No. of Chil
-dren in the 25th district Williamson County Tennessee
over 6 years old & under sixteen on 30th of June 
(Column 1)
Parent Names
Clemmon Reed--3
Joseph C Little--2
C.M. Brooks--3
Thomas S. Taylor--2
Wm S Taylor--3
Robert Taylor--2
Thomas Taylor--1
James D Gallaspie--3
Jacob Blessing--3
Nathan Jackson--3
David Ray--2
Wm Lamb--4
Mary F Hendrix--5
Delilah Landrum--1
Abigail Prince--1
E G Portis--2
Thomas Jackson--3
John Jones--1
David Young--3
Edmund Wood--4
E.W. Hendrix--1
William Fears--4
Archie Johnson--4
Baram Lamb--4
William Hill--1
Felix G. Crick--1
Obedience Hill--1
Charles Pope--4
Thomas Lamb--5
William C Cook--1
John L. Little--4
Wm D Tharp--4
(Strikethru of James Jones--1)
Jacob Crick--4
Vincent Taylor--4
Wm W McDonald--2
Hiram Putman--3
Noah Putman--2
Quincy Pope--1
Wm Reed--3
John C Wilks--1
Longshire Lamb--2
James Byler--(number marked over)
Josep Wells--6
Gideon Cole--1
(Column 2)
Thomas Cole--3
George Wright--1
Williams Jackson--3
John Sharber--4
Job Cooper--4
James Vanatta--4
David Lamb--2
A C Potts--2
Jonathan Lamb--2
John Landrum--1
Martha Webb--4
William Parsley--1
Francis Jackson Jun--4
John Prior--1
Wm Trail--2
Jehu Sharber--4
Harper Lamb--3
John Crick Jun--4
Ann E Brunston--2
Edmund Crick--4
Good Davis--1
Wm Hartgroove--4
Francis Jackson se?--1
F. L. Covington--2
Thomas L Taylor--1
James C. Taylor--1

given under our hand and seals this the 1st day of July 1841
Thomas Taylor (seal)
Thomas Cole (seal)
Francis Jackson Jr. (seal)

Direct Links to Williamson Co TN Dist 25 on this roll
1839  (nothing located for Dist 25)

Williamson County (Tennessee). County Court Clerk. (1998). School Census 1838-1939. Salt Lake City, Utah: Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah. imaged at FarmilySearch

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