Friday, January 15, 2021

Article about Shem Cooke in Historic Maury(TN) journal

Over the holidays a Google search on Shem Cooke pointed to an Amazon listing. The publication though no longer available at Amazon, should be available at the Family History Library in SLC and likely at the Maury Co TN Library.  The journal in question is Historic Maury- (Volume 32, Number 1, March 1996)  – January 1, 1996. The article I'm interested in is "Shem Cooke & His Family in Granville & Franklin Counties, North Carolina."
I want to see who wrote the article and which Cook(e)s are part of the Shem Cooke line because Shem Cooke's Y DNA line is a match with our YDNA line(well my brother's test) at a Genetic Distance of 1. Our Cook(e) line was in Bedford Co TN but can be found in records for the surrounding counties of Rutherford and Williamson. I've not yet found the connecting generations whether it's back to Shem or whether we connect prior to Shem.

Off to try and locate a copy of that article.  Hope to post an update when I can get a copy.

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