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From the 1836 Tax list of Williamson Co TN


Image of writing from Tax Book showing words Tax on Purchasers of Bill, Bonds, Notes, etc.

Information from the last pages of the 1836 Tax List of Williamson Co. TN

Persons listed at the end of the 1836 Tax list of Williamson County Tennessee as having been purchasers of bills, bonds notes etc.

Francis Jackson Capital 1044.75 Tax 1.33
William Harrison Capital 500 Tax .42 1/2
Harrison & Griffin Capital 1000 Tax 1.23
William B Carpenter Capital 800 Tax 1.00
Joseph Tennisson Capital 2000 Tax 2.50
Theodrick Carter Capital 1472.64 Tax 1.84
Charles W Womack Capital 1500 Tax 1.87 1/2
Fountain B Carter Capital 817.87 Tax 1.02
William Hadley Capital 5974.85 Tax  7.47
Stephen Nolen Capital 2450.84 Tax 3.06 
Nathan Jackson Capital 1900.00 Tax 2.37 1/2
Samuel Perkins  Capital 6850.00  Tax (Blank)

Land, Town Lots, Slaves or Pleasure Carriages 5 cents per $100 value(10 cents per $100 if liable for double tax)
Free Polls at 12 1/2 cents each(25 cents if liable for double tax)

Williamson County (Tenn.). Trustee Office. 1965. Tax records, 1800-1963. Nashville, Tennessee: Filmed by the Tennessee State Library and Archives.
Online at  Film  456077  DGS 7895998    Image 212 of 777
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