Sunday, July 22, 2018

Apprentice Bond Recorded: Gideon Pope Rucker Georgia, Wills and Probate Records, 1742-1992  Georgia. Court of Ordinary (Oglethorpe County); Oglethorpe, Georgia Bonds, 1799-1830 pg 68(of book) Image 99 of 365

Know all men by these presents that we Wiley Hill
and Isham Rainey are held & firmly bound
unto the judges of the court of ordinary for the
county of Oglethorpe & state of Georgia & their
successors in office in the sum of two hundred
dollars for the payment of which sum to the
said judges & their successors in office we bind
ourselves, our heirs, executors & administrators
firmly by their presents sealed with our seals
& dated the first day of September 1806

The conditions of the above obligation is such
that whereas the court aforementioned, has at September
term on the above date bound an apprentice
by the name of Gideon Pope Rucker orphan
& son of Willis Rucker deceased unto Wiley Hill
farmer, for the term of 10 years & five months
Now if the said Wiley Hill, shall & do in all
things will & truly perform the duties required
of him by law as guardian & the agreement
made between the parties in the application
for the apprentice, then the above obligation
to be void else to remain in full force power
& virtue according to the true intent & meaning

signed & sealed Wiley Hill
signed & sealed Isham Rainey
Recorded September 3rd day of 1806

MARainey c clk  (signature image below(loop above r is from word above the signature)


  1. Could you give us some context for this document? I'm not familiar with apprentice bonds, but I'm interested!

    1. I haven't ran across many of these but I believe this one works similar to how a marriage bond works in that it's an agreement that the person will follow thru with their commitment or be held accountable and owe the stated sum of money if they do not follow thru. I need to read up more on these and I would like to find other examples.

  2. $200 in 1806 would be about $4000 today. That is wild for 10 years work.

    1. amazing isn't it. Makes me want to know more. How old is Gideon Pope Rucker? What trade will he be learning? Did things work out? He's not in my direct line but this could be a good "rabbit hole" to fall down. :-)

  3. I love apprentice records - great that you found this!
    Interesting post, thanks!