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Andrew Jackson McElroy (1820-1900)

Looking through the ProQuest Historical Newspaper in search of some information on a Paternal great-uncle and had the urge to search for my 3rd Great Grandfather, Andrew Jackson McElroy(from my Maternal lines).  I didn't have a source document for his death date.  I knew it was some time after the Ogle Co.'s Compendium of Biography which was published in 1898.  I also knew that he had written his will November 20th of 1896 and that the will was proved September 3rd of 1900 and recorded the next day in Van Buren Co TN Records.    The first item that came up in my query led me to the answer.

Death of A.J. M'Elroy  Prominent Citizen of White County Joins the Majority---Special Dispatch in The American
SPARTA, Tenn., Aug 21-  Andrew Jackson McElroy, one of the oldest and best known men of this section, died Sunday night at his home at Bone Cave in Van Buren County after confinement to his room for some time.  Col. McElroy was 86 years of age and until the past two or three years had regularly attended the courts here, where he enjoyed a fair practice.

He had ever taken a great interest in politics and was an ardent Democrat.  Besides holding several minor offices he represented this district in the State Senate from 1885-1887.  His character was spotless and he was admired by all who knew him.  The interment took place last evening at the family burying ground before a large attendance of relatives and friends.
(Source: "Death of A.J. M'Elroy -Prominent Citizen of White County Joins the Majority";.Special Dispatch in The American; The Nashville American(1894-1910); Aug 22, 1900; Digital Collection of ProQuest Historical Newspapers:  The Nashville Tennessean pg 8. )

I did a Google search and found a site that lets you check a date to see what day of the week it was on for a given year.  August 21, 1900 was a Tuesday which puts him dying on Sunday August 19, 1900.  Problem solved!

Andrew Jackson McElroy was likely born in April of 1820 as that is the age which he lists the most consistently in census records.  For the 1870 Census he is listed as a few years younger.  I just feel fortunate that he was listed at all.  Several of my other folks aren't listed in 1870.  The 1870 census is the first census after reconstruction and is notorious for inaccurate information some of which is possibly due to census takers from the north being using in many areas of the south.  See the Census Book for more information on this and other census records.   Below are a few of  Andrew J. McElroy's Census entries.

1830 White Co TN
Andrew McElroy
1 5-under 10
1 10-under 15  (Andrew J. age 10 )
1 40-under 50  
1 under 5
1 5-under 10
1 13-under 20
1 30- under 40
(Source: 1830 White Co. Tennessee; Series: M19; Roll: 182; pg. 13; FHL Film: 0024540) 

1840 White Co TN
Andrew McElroy
1 10 under 15
1 15 under 20
1 20-under 30 (Andrew J. age: 20)
1 40-under 50
1 50-under 60
1 10 under 15
2 15 under 20
1 40 under 50
(Source: 1840 White County, Tennessee; Roll: 536; pg. 19; FHL Film: 0024550)

1850 Van Buren Co. TN 1st Dist   pg. 367B  14/14
 A. J. McElroy 30 M Clk of Crt $5000 TN
Jane McElroy 24 F TN
Levina McElroy 4 F TN
Sarah McElroy 3 F TN
James K. P. McElroy 10/12 M TN  
(Source: 1850 Van Buren, County Tennessee, Dist 1 ;Roll: M432_897; pg. 367B)

1860 Van Buren Co. TN Spencer P.O. pg 21  273/273
A. J. McElroy 40 M Farmer $10,000 $1737 TN
Jane McElroy 32 F TN
Leviney McElroy 14 F TN
Sarah McElroy 13 F TN
J. K. P. McElroy 9 M TN
Martha McElroy 7 F TN
Eliza McElroy 5 F TN
A.J.M. McElroy 1 M TN
John O? 18 M common Laborer TN  
(Source: 1860; Van Buren, Tennessee Spencer P.O.; Roll: M653_1277; pg 21 FHL Film: 805277)

1870 Van Buren Co. TN Bone Cave 1st Civil Dist pg. 304a  15/15
A.J. McElroy 47 M W Lawyer
Martha McElroy 27 F W Keeping House
Levina McElroy 23 F W
Sarah McElroy 21 F W
Polk K McElroy 20 M W
Martha McElroy 18 F W
Eliza McElroy 15 F W
A. J. McElroy 11 M W
William McElroy 7 M W
Eveline Greer 9 F W
Elizabeth Greer 7 F W
William Greer 5 M W
Hiram C. Carter 62 M W Sadler
(Source: 1870 Van Buren County, Tennessee, Dist 1; Roll: M593_1567; Page: 304A; FHL Film: 553066)

1880 Van Buren, Tennessee Dist 1 Page 246D
A. J. McElroy Self M M W 68 TN Lawyer GA  GA
Martha McElroy Wife F M W 40 TN  Keeping House GA GA
Andrew J. McElroy Son M S W 21 TN  At Home TN  TN
Wm. McElroy Son M S W 19 TN At Home TN TN
Wm. Greer SSon M S W 16 TN  At Home TN  TN
E. Wallace Niece F S W 22 TN At Home TN TN
R. G. Waterhouse Other M S W 24 TN Minister Of Gospel  TN TN  
(Source: 1880 Van Buren County, Tennessee, Dist 1 ; Roll: 1283; FH L Film:1255283; pg: 246D; Enum Dist 127)

1900 Van Buren Co. TN Dist 1 Enum Dist 133  Page 3B  Sheet 3B  56/56
Andrew J McElroy Head W M Apr 1820 80 M 31 TN GA GA
Martha McElroy Wife W F Dec 1842 57 M 31 2 of 3 children living TN TN TN
Lizzie Zimmerman Aunt W F Nov 1854  45 wd 1 of 1 children living TN TN TN
Eva Zimmerman Cousin W F Aug 1888  11 S  Missouri Ohio TN  
(Source: 1900 Van Buren, County, Tennessee Dist 1 ; Roll: 1603; pg: 3B; Enum Dist: 0133; FHL film: 1241603)

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