Thursday, September 08, 2016

Focusing on Identifying higher cMs matching segments

I use GenomeMate Pro to help me keep track of my DNA matches and map my chromosomes.  Typically I import matches that are 7 centimorgans or more.  That can make for an overwhelming amount of matches especially given that most my paternal and maternal lines were in colonial America.  In GenomeMate Pro you can set preferences so that only matches over a certain amount will show while you are working them..and you can adjust this at any time.  I did have mine set at 12 cMs but still I was looking at an awful large amount of matches.  I've decided to set the option at 20 cms and work those and gradually lower the cM amount.  I started using this process yesterday and have identified 2 larger segment matches already.  Hopefully I'll have continued success using this strategy.  You can try this too if you are working your matches using GenomeMate Pro but you may need to make adjustments depending on how many matches and the avg cMs.  Twenty cMs just seems to work the best for me for now.

DNA To-Do List....the short version

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