Saturday, August 27, 2016

Alfred & Fred have an awful lot in common

Working thru descendants of William Benton King and Eliza Jane Manire I began researching their granddaughter Edna Earle Foster.  Edna Earle was the daughter of Margaret Jordan King and William Leroy Foster.   Earle married a man by the name of Alfred Newton Mitchell.  You'd think that would be a name you don't see much...the full name at least.  I was searching thru Ancestry and I notice a link to the WWI Draft Registration Cards  One for a Alfred Newton Mitchell and another for a Fred Newton Mitchell.  So I looked at both of them wondering if he might have a double life.  Stranger things have happened.

Alfred Newton Mitchell

  • DOB March 4th 1883
  • Address Berwyn, Carter, Oklahoma
  • Nearest Relative:  Wife Earl Mitchell
  • Occupation:  Sec Foreman Gulf, Colorado & Sante Fe Railway
  • White Natural Born Citizen
  • Short with a medium build
  • Brown Eyes and Brown Hair
  • Reg. Date Sept 12, 1918

Fred Newton Mitchell
  • DOB Feb 4th 1883
  • Address:  Rio Grande Colorado
  • DOB Feb 4th 1883
  • Nearest Relative:  Wife Hanna Katherine Mitchell
  • Occupation:  Stockman Farmer Self Employed
  • White Natural Born Citizen
  • Short with medium build
  • Light Blue Eyes Dk Brown Hair
  • Reg. Date Sept 12, 1918 with blue eyes and one with brown eyes...
I did find them both in 1920 Census.  I checked that also to make sure ...and no the children don't have the same names.  :-)

I think this is how a lot of mistakes get in peoples tree...they see the Suggested Records and take them as fact and just add away.  Alfred Newton Mitchell is the father of several King descendants(specifically Descendants of Wm Benton King & wife Eliza Jane Manire)
Fred Newton Mitchell is not unless his wife Hannah Katherine Myers was a King descendant.  If she was she didn't come from the Wm B King lines.

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