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Will of Thomas Tart--Sampson Co NC Will Book 1 pg 369-371

Information from the Will of Thomas Tart
Sampson Co NC  Will Book 1 pg 369-371 
Written 26th Dec 1848
Proven May Term 1850

  • Eldest Daughter, Sarrah Hanes of TN $400
  • 4 Grandchildren(Children of daughter Patsy) $50 each  Named: John Westbrook, Sarah Byrd, Mary Piles?, Wm. Westbrook Jr.
  • John Tart Land $200
  • Thomas Tart Land $200
  • Nathan Tart Land $200
  • James Tart Land and owes not to this estate for $150
  • Nancy Denning  Money and Property $40
  • Pharrabe McLamb Money and Property $40
  • Elizabeth McLamb Money and Property $40

Later in the will it also mentions daughter Patsy again and 4 grandchildren which are her children
and says "by John Ward Sr"   he leaves them $25 each.  So it seems like Patsy had 8 children in all
4 by John Ward Sr and 4 by Wm. Westbrook Sr..
Any additional monies left over after debts are paid and the executor has paid off the above legacies should be divided equal among the youngest 7 children

Sarah Tart
T. J?  Bennet
Wm. Gregory

Additional Info not given in will:  
Thomas Tart is the father of Sarrah Tart Haynes who married Abraham Haynes. Sarrah & Abraham are buried in Rutherford Co TN. and lived in the Williamson and Rutherford Co TN area.

I became interested in this will as some of my DNA matches are descendants of Abraham  & Sarah but I have no known connection to any of the other relatives in their tree that I can see thus far which would lead me to believe our connection is some time prior to that couple.  These were the only persons in that matches tree that were in the "right" area that I could tell.  It is also possible that our connection is a separate still unknown to either or both of us at this point ancestor.  I did have fun reading over this will so if nothing else it had entertainment value.

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