Sunday, August 24, 2014

Paternal Ancestors Listed on DAR site

Spent a little bit of today checking my ancestors to see if any of the Revolutionary War Ancestors were listed on the Daughters of the American Revolution site.  I knew I had "old" blood as I know all of my GGG Grandparents were in America before the Revolution(with the exception of the Cook line which I only have back to early 1800s)  I have finished checking lineage through my paternal lines and I have 7 lines I could use for membership.  The easiest to prove would be my lineage to Nathan Frizzel/Frissel.  Someone has already proven this line to my Gr Gr Grandparents.  I have my Great Grandmother's Death Cert. which has their names on it. as well as census info showing her in their household listed as their daughter.  Interesting and I may try this some time down the road.

So far these are the Rev. War Ancestors from Dad's side

  • Nathan Frissell Ancestor  # A042773(4th Great Grandfather)
  • Charles Brandon Ancestor  # A204962(5th Great Grandfather)
  • Leroy Upshaw Ancestor # A118102(5th Great Grandfather)
  • William Ogilvie Ancestor # A085795(5th Great Grandfather)
  • John Manire Ancestor # A073376(4th Great Grandfather)
  • Edward Richards Ancestor # A095838 (5th Great Grandfather)
  • Jacob Sutton Ancestor # A111305 (4th Great Grandfather)
  • James Knox Sr.  Ancestor #:A067072(5th Great Grandfather)
 If you are interested in checking to see if any of your ancestors are listed visit DAR Website.

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