Saturday, October 03, 2009

Arrival in America of my Putman/Putnam and Shropshire(surname) Ancestors

I do not have the details to most of my ancestors' arrival in America. All are in America by 1790s so I've listed two of my lines that I have the most details about. I don't have alot of details about these two lines however...ANY is more than I have about some of my other lines.

The Putman/Putnam Line's arrival
Thomas Putnam is my GGGGGGGG Grandfather
Bill Putman has the details of my Putnam/Putman lines coming to America in 1647 on the ship Increase.

The Shropshire Line's arrival
St John Shropshire is my GGGGGGGG Grandfather
According to research done by the Shropshire(surname) Society
St. John Shropshire was tried and convicted of a felony in Derbyshire, England.
Initially he was sentenced to death however in March 1690 his sentence was reprieved and he was ordered to be transported to America and arrived in Virginia.

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  1. The title of your post caught my eye since I am a Jan Putman descendant (he was my 10th ggfather) - he arrived in Schenectady abt 1661.

    As you may know, the name Putman is Dutch while Putnam is English and are often confused. I've even seen gravestones for Dutch Putman's inscribed with Putnam. It causes us to have to research both surnames!