Wednesday, July 23, 2008

FamilySearch &

I have mixed feelings about the collaboration of FamilySearch & Sure it is exciting in some ways...but in others its a let down.

Personally, I feel it was a move on's part to keep from having a competitor who was giving away what was selling. Granted the census records are only a small portion of what Ancestry subscribers get, they are probably the most valuable in that the census records cover the largest area. Some yrs back I had an subscription but the most valueable part of that subscription was the census records. This might have been because most of my ancestors were in TN early on and they really don't have alot to offer for that area database wise. I no longer have the need for an subscription as I have access to HeritageQuest census images. I would hope that this venture will allow FamilySearch to get the indexes online alot faster than they would have had this not been an option. While I've been helping with indexing for FamilySearch I am not sure if I will continue. I will most likely be one of those who will be checking the index at FamilySearch and then locating the Images at HQ.

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