Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Trello Board for organizing my DNA Brainstorming

Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend a Legacy Family Tree Webinar by Lisa Alzo
entitled "Your Whiteboard in the Cloud: Trello for Genealogists."  You can find this recorded webinar along with others by Lisa in the Legacy Family Tree Webinar library.
I'm just getting started using Trello. At this point I am using the Free version.    I started by making a Board for my DNA matches. I'm not listing the matches but rather the reoccurring surnames and locations.  I think of Lists like the columns for the board and the Cards as the building blocks for that column. You can attach images and links to the Cards you add to the lists.  See my first board below.

My board has 4 lists--PGF(Paternal Grandfather), PGM(Paternal Grandmother), MGF(Maternal Grandfather) and MGM(Maternal Grandmother).  I have also put color labels which are the same color(or as close as I could get) to what I use in my DNA segment mapping for those Grandparents.  Clicking in the PGM lists brings up these options(below)

Trello boards also work for collaborating as you can share the boards or if you are more like me you might want them to help you focus on a research task.  It reminds me a bit of Bullet Journaling.  They are very customizable and there is no wrong way.  You decide what works for you and do that.

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