Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Regional DNA Studies

I received my Ancestry DNA kit this last week and took the test, mailed it and activated it on Ancestry's website on the 13th of this month.  In the mean time I have been trying to keep busy and not think about it too much.  I know....Good Luck with that.  In an earlier post to my blog I gave it my best guess on what I think my ethnic breakdown will be.  I am really looking forward to comparing the results with my tree.  Barring some kind of crazy find in the one line that I don't have back further than my Gr Gr grandfather I am pretty much colonial American with those lines coming out of Maryland and Virginia in the 1600 & 1700s.  By 1800s most of my lines were in Tennessee, USA with many in the area just prior to the formation of the state in 1796.  This has got me thinking about DNA research for areas.  I know there is a tool where you can take your DNA results and compare surnames but is there a tool available to the public where you can compare areas of the USA during more recent times that would be helpful to those looking for adoptions and non paternal events within the last 200 or so years.  Using both the Location & Surname together could help.  Something similar to a surname study but for a specific region.  If so I would be interested in a Colonial American one and also Early TN Settlers. Just some thoughts.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Who do I think I am?

I have been wanting to do DNA testing for awhile now.  Last week I ordered an Autosomal DNA test from which I will take and mail back this next week.  In an effort to make an educated guess about the outcome I have made a list of my 32 GrGrGr Grandparents(all but 2 of them are known surnames)

Paternal Surnames:  Cook(e), (Last Name Unknown wife of Cook), Putman(Last Name Unknown wife of Putman), King, Upshaw, Manire, Jackson, Jakes, Harger, Morrow, Sutton, Frizzell, Kennedy, Manley, Frizzell.

Maternal Surnames:  Luna, Lennox, Rigsby, Lewis, Pitman, Hatfield, Adcock, Bowles, Acuff, Curvin, McElroy, Webb, Hale, Elzie, Hitchcock, Fleming.

I examined the last names and determined from which part of the world they came.  The break down is shown below.

Area # Percentage
English 22 68.75%
Scottish 4 12.50%
Irish 2 6.25%
Austrian 1 3.13%
Manx 1 3.13%
Unknown 2 6.25%

I multiplied the amounts by 3.125(100/32) to get the %
I realize this is somewhat flawed not just because I don't know the ethnic background of the two unknowns but in most cases do not know the ethnic background of these GGG Grandparents mothers.  My Hatfield's mother was said to be Cherokee(I don't think her mother could have been more than 1/2 ) but I have no way of knowing how much so I didn't take that into account since her father was an English Hatfield.

I am not sure how Ancestry has their grouping now...but to me looks like I am 90.625% British Isles.  When I get the results I will post them so that I can compare to my guesstimate.  Too it might also depend on how much of each of the genes I received.   Those aren't always exact even in siblings.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

A Tennessee Researcher's disappointment with Finding Your Roots episode

Just now catching up on my DVR'd episodes of Finding Your Roots.  Was disappointed that when they showed Steven King's ancestor's Civil War card, Steven read it as Born in: Kent Co. TN when it was so obvious to me that it was Knox Co. TN.  At first I thought Steven had just pronounced it incorrectly...but then I saw the note card where they feature the run down of the info they had found and they had written it as Kent Co. TN.  I don't understand several things...first off why did they not catch their error when they consulted map or gazetteer and secondly why did they not call in someone who worked extensively with TN records.  Why was this not done prior to the revealing to Mr. King?  Still love the show...but disappointed.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sadness in the Census.

To the ordinary eye this may look like just a typical page from the 1940 United States Census. This page to a country music fan and a true crime fan is much more.  Seven year old Dorthy Marsh in household 27 would grow up to be Dottie West.  Dottie was physically and sexually abused by her father, Hollis Marsh(a crime for which he was sentenced to 40 yrs in prison).  The Bratcher family in household 33 would be murdered by Billy Gibbs in 1955----a tragedy still talked about among the locals even to this day.

1940 United States Census, Warren Co., TN, Dist 15 sheet 2-B

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Maternal Ancestors listed at DAR Website

A follow-up  to my post of last weekend.  I have checked my Maternal lines and found 3 lines that served in the Revolutionary War.  This gives me a total of 10 lines I could use for DAR membership.  There are several of my Mom's lines that I do not have back beyond late 1700s

Rev. War Ancestors from Mom's side

  • Peter Luna Ancestor # A071518(4th Great Grandfather)
  • William Lewis Ancestor # A070175(4th Great Grandfather)
  • John Mackleroy Ancestor # A203230(5th Great Grandfather)

 If you are interested in checking to see if any of your ancestors are listed visit DAR Website.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Paternal Ancestors Listed on DAR site

Spent a little bit of today checking my ancestors to see if any of the Revolutionary War Ancestors were listed on the Daughters of the American Revolution site.  I knew I had "old" blood as I know all of my GGG Grandparents were in America before the Revolution(with the exception of the Cook line which I only have back to early 1800s)  I have finished checking lineage through my paternal lines and I have 7 lines I could use for membership.  The easiest to prove would be my lineage to Nathan Frizzel/Frissel.  Someone has already proven this line to my Gr Gr Grandparents.  I have my Great Grandmother's Death Cert. which has their names on it. as well as census info showing her in their household listed as their daughter.  Interesting and I may try this some time down the road.

So far these are the Rev. War Ancestors from Dad's side

  • Nathan Frissell Ancestor  # A042773(4th Great Grandfather)
  • Charles Brandon Ancestor  # A204962(5th Great Grandfather)
  • Leroy Upshaw Ancestor # A118102(5th Great Grandfather)
  • William Ogilvie Ancestor # A085795(5th Great Grandfather)
  • John Manire Ancestor # A073376(4th Great Grandfather)
  • Edward Richards Ancestor # A095838 (5th Great Grandfather)
  • Jacob Sutton Ancestor # A111305 (4th Great Grandfather)
 If you are interested in checking to see if any of your ancestors are listed visit DAR Website.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

How the houses my Grandparents lived in look today (part 2)

Another of the homes of my Grandparents, Thomas Dewitt & Pearl Gray Jakes Cooke

1401 Forrest Avenue--They lived here in the early 1960s

Google Image from Aug 2011

Sept 1963

How the houses my Grandparents lived in look today

Thank You,  Grandma Cooke for gluing the envelopes in your scrapbooks.    This helped me to determine where you lived at different times by checking the postmark and address.  Also a big thank you for thinking that in front of the house was the best place to have a picture taken. 

1209 Calvin Avenue, Nashville, TN, USA

Circa 1953
Google Map Image Street View from Aug 2011

Friday, April 26, 2013

Talking with a friend earlier I realized that while I had the 1940 Census Entry for Conway Twitty(Harold Jenkins) that I did not have Loretta Lynn's 1940 Census entry......and so I searched and found...
1940 Census entry for 7 yr old Loretta Lynn who was born Loretta Webb.
Shown here in Johnson Co KY Magistrate Dist. 2 Butcher Hollow with her parents Melvin & Clara.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lefty Frizzell in 1940 Union Co Arkansas

The following snippet of the 1940 census shows William Orville Frizzell living in the household of his parents in Union Co Arkansas's El Dorado Township. He was my Dad's 6th cousin.

They shared common GGGG Grandparents: Nathan Frizzell & Margaret Deason. For those interested...he was born in Corsicana, TX and not Saginaw, Michigan.  :-)  You can find his birth certificate at as well as the corrected birth certificate from the same day which corrects birth time from 12:35 to 12:30 and lists the city along with the county of birth.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Hello Darlin'

If you are a country music fan you might be interested in the 6 yr old Harold Jenkins' 1940 Census entry.

1940 Coahoma Co., MS Beat 2 Friars Point Enumeration Dist 14-4 pg 58B Sheet 12b

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

1940 US Federal Census Findings

My shocker from the 1940 US Federal census.

Finding my Dad's maternal Grandfather, James Jakes. alive and living with my Grandparents in 1940. When I first began researching over 20 yrs ago I found a Date of death on microfiche for a James Jakes in the area in which he had lived and I incorrectly ASSumed it was him. The date was within 2 yrs of his wife's death and it seemed logical to me(the whole dying of a broken heart bit after losing a spouse). I knew where he was buried however his tombstone did not have a year of death. So I never really gave much thought to researching any more on him other than his children and his ancestors. After finding that he was still alive in 1940 I was able to search FamilySearch's online death records for TN and come up with the correct Death Cert and the correct date of death which happened the following yr. It also gave his birthdate. Prior to that I only had the yr from the tombstone and a month from census records which is off by one from what his Death Cert listed. The certificate also told his place of death-- Davidson Co. Hospital(TN). and gave M as his middle initial...something I'd never seen. Makes me wonder if it is Morrow which was his mother's Maiden name. The informant on the death cert. listed his father as James Jakes...which is probably an error. I have several records showing his father was George Jakes although I don't rule out the possibility that George's middle name might have been James.

Now I'm off in search of his 1930 census entry and also going to find out who Martha Gibson, the informant on his death certificate is. Two Gibson brothers married two of James Jakes' daughters and his Aunt Ann Jakes married a Gibson. Lots of possibilities.

I love learning :-)

Search for your family in the 1940 Census Records

1940 US Federal Census at FamilySearch

1940 US Federal Census at National Archives And Records Administration