Saturday, January 21, 2017

John Wright of Williamson Co TN --1809--Books in estate inventory of merchant

Book Inventory from the estate of a merchant
Once again while looking thru Probate Records of my Ogilvie line I have happened upon another file near it with a listing of book titles or types.  This listing was a store inventory list which was part of the estate of John Wright of Williamson Co. TN(1809).  I've copied the listing here and I'm sure there are spelling errors.  I did alphabetize the list.
  • Beauties Poetry
  • Bibles
  • Blank Books
  • Chapter Books
  • Church of England Prayer Books
  • Clarissa Harlowe
  • Dwight's Geography
  • Enticks Dictionary
  • Franklin's Works
  • French Revolution
  • Gandenetia De Lucca
  • Gibson's Surveying
  • Goldsmith's England
  • History of England
  • Hymn Book
  • Immortal Wester
  • Johnstone's Dictionary
  • Large Bible
  • Lord Rivers
  • Manson Spelling Book
  • Married Lady's Companions
  • Maury Primmers
  • New England Primmers
  • Reading Made Easy
  • Roman Catholic Prayer Books
  • School Master's Assistant
  • Scots Sessions
  • Small Hymn Book
  • Spelling Books
  • Stephen De Bourbon
  • Tale of Times
  • Testaments
  • Vendee War
  • Vision Columbus
  • Volumns of Charlotte
  • Washingtons Monuments Tennessee, Divorce and Other Records, 1800-1965 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2007.Williamson Co. Divorce, Probate and Other Records 1800-1899, Wo-Za Description Images 978, 979, 1000 & 1001 of 1833 Tennessee, Divorce and Other Records, 1800-1965

Original data: Tennessee. County records. Nashville, Tennessee: Tennessee State Library and Archives. Microfilm roll numbers 99 to 108, 115, 336 to 337, 428 to 431, 519, A-4098, A-5278, B-1 to B-9, B-44 to B-127, B-314, B-441 to B-445, B-471 to B-473, B-1607 to B-1613, and B-1781 to B-1789.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Those tricky DNA circles

I have began working thru the probate records of my Paternal Grandfather's Ogilvie and Harris lines which come together at my 5th Great Grandparents. My tree is at Ancestry where I have tested along with my sister and my Mom.  All of our DNA results are at GEDmatch as well.  As I work and look thru hints I like to check the profiles of others who have linked to or uploaded information.  When I visit their profile it also lets me check to see if there is a DNA match between me and that person.   I can also select other tests I admin to see if any of them match.  One of the good things about this is that if that person manages any other test and they match the test you have selected they will also appear beneath that profile, even if you don't match the profile but do have a match with one or more test which they admin.

Clicking on the word "your" lets you select other tests you admin to check against their profile

It's unclear to me when you don't find a match if it means they don't match you or if perhaps they haven't tested.  At this point I only give weight to the matches...and not any additional when they don't because I don't know if they have tested.

In this particular case my sister has the larger matches(17-20 cM segment) with both of these persons who tested and my Moderate match with the D.E. kit is only 6.6 cMs.  Ancestry has put us all in the Ann Knox circle together.  At this point there is not a Ogilvie or Harris Circle even though I do see descendants from at least 4 lines that descend from them working on trees.  Likely not enough of them have tested or the ones that have tested do not have DNA in common.  I contacted the main profile person and heard back from them within an hour(almost a record).  Now here is where it gets tricky.  The researcher has several tests at Ancestry(self, parent, sibling and maternal uncle) Along with the being included in the Ann Knox Circle for the testers profile, Shared Ancestor Hints for  Jacob Sutton and wife Ann Knox are shown as well as William Ogilvie and Mary Harris.   Since the Sutton/Knox and Ogilvie/Harris are on different sides of the main testers family we were able to determine that the match my sister has with  her is likely Ogilvie/Harris.  Looking at others who match at smaller amounts along the same segment and knowing the likely line, I have been able to find several others who appear to all have lineage back to this Ogilvie/Harris couple though I am still working on it.  To add too this.  The particular segment along which my sister(we are full siblings) matches is one which I and my sister do not have in common.  For that segment I have matches which come from our Paternal Grandmother's side of the family  This helps to know because it tells me if I match my PGM and my sister doesn't match me along that segment, that she got the only other segment that Dad could have given her....the one he got from his Dad, our PGF.

This is why it is important to look at the matching segments rather than rely on the DNA circles.  I cannot stress that enough.  I feel like the best approach to the DNA circles is to work them looking over the matches and trying to get as many as possible that match you at large amounts to GEDmatch where you can examine them more closely and prove or disprove each of the matches for that circle.

Jane B Campbell's unsold estate inventory--1825 Williamson Co. Tennessee

I've been working on my Ogilvie family a bit today, more specifically the family of William Ogilvie(1728-1813) and Mary Harris(1732-1807) who lived in College Grove, TN during the early 1800s.  William and Mary are my 5th Great Grandparents. While reading thru the Ogilvie wills I noticed an inventory listing for a Jane Campbell from Williamson Co. TN just below part of the probate of Richard Ogilvie.  I thought this was very interesting and have listed some of the items below.  As far as I know she is a part of my family.

Pg 33 Williamson Co Tn Will book July Term 1825   A list of articles belonging to the estate of Jane B Campbell deceased  remaining unsold which according to law will be kept for the use of her children.

Map of United State with a book
Map of the World with a book
Large Family Bible
Guthrie's Geography(2 Vol)
Scott's Family Bible
Sheriden's Dictionary(2 Vol)
Plowden's History of Ireland(5 Vol)
Swifts Works(2 Vol)
Burns Works(4 Vol)
Tattler(4 vol)
Life  of Bonapart(3 vol--1 vol missing)
Rush Works (2 Vol)
Lock's Essay(2 Vol)
Brown's History of Missions(2 Vol)
Curran's speeches(2 Vol)
Angustil's Universal history(9 vol)
Carr's sermons(2 Vol)
Emmon's sermons
Campbell's Lectures
Don Quizote (4 vol)
Charlemagne (2 Vol)
Bailey's Dictionary
Henry's Dialogues(2 Vol)
Broken set of Shakespeare(5 Vol)
Confession of Faith
Jackson's Book keeping
Court of St. Cloud
Moses' Gazetteer
Freeman's Poems(2 Vol)
Bucks Miscellany
Breckenridge Insurrection
History of Virginia
Stodert on Judgement
Mrs. Graham's works
Reliques of Burns
Franklin's works
January Letters
Rainey's poems
Baxter on the Soul
Hervey's Meditations
Lee's Memoirs
Buck's Expositor
Henderson's sermons

also listed were 6 beds, bedroom furniture, kitchenware(pots pans and utensils as well as dishes) and of course.....bookcases.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Inventory of the Estate of Samuel Estes--Madison Co TN 28th Dec 1828

This inventory of the estate of Samuel Estes from Madison Co TN was immediately following some records I've been researching for a future blog post.  I couldn't just leave it there without making note.

New Year's Wish in a Pension Raise Recommendation from 1917

From the Alabama Confederate Pension file of James Madison Justice.  A letter from Geneva Co Alabama, Judge W. H. Morris recommending that the widow's pension be raised.  I had to share because of the New Years wish which he included.  Note that the letter was written on New Years Day of 1917.

Roll Description : Joplin, J· B· - Juzan, Peter Alabama, Texas and Virginia, Confederate Pensions, 1884-1958 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010. Image 1479 of 1555

Original data: Texas, Confederate Pension Applications, 1899-1975. Vol. 1–646 & 1–283. Austin, Texas: Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Confederate Pension Rolls, Veterans and Widows. Richmond, Virginia: Library of Virginia Confederate Pension Applications, 1880-1940. Montgomery, Alabama: Alabama Department of Archives and History.

Monday, January 09, 2017

W. B. King 1850 Federal Census Non-Population Agriculture Schedule Rutherford Co TN Versailles Dist

Agriculture Schedule Entry for William Benton King my 2nd Great Grandfather.

1850 US Fed Census Non-Population Agriculture Schedule
Rutherford Co TN Versailles Dist Nov 13th 1850 page 87 & 88
W.B. King
2 acres of improved land
72 of unimproved land
$200 cash value of Farm
$10 Value of farming implement and machinary
2 Horses
1 milch cows
1 working oxen
15 swine
$108 Value of Livestock
250 Bushels of Indian CornW
2 Bushels of Peas & Beans
10 Bushels of Irish Potatoes
50 lbs of Butter
$16 value of animals slaughtered

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Trouble Contacting Ancestry Members?

I know I complain about having trouble trying to contact DNA matches at Ancestry but I believe I've found a way that works pretty well.  If your DNA match has a tree, comment on the ancestor of interest.  I did this early yesterday morning and included my email address.  Within 30 minutes I had 3 emails from cousins two of which had DNA tested off of that branch.

One of the biggest headaches at Ancestry is trying to contact others. There really is no reliable way.  Searches of Member Directory, Message System and AncestryDNA matches are all sketchy and almost never consistent.   Sometimes the only way to find someone is to pick the oddest surname they have in their database and search on that.

Why does commenting on a tree work better to get a response than trying to use the Ancestry Message system?  I don't know for sure, but it may be that the email that is generated when comments are made doesn't have all the "clutter" that the other ones have. Also it helps that the comment is attached to the Ancestor of interest.  I just know it has worked for me and I will continue using that when it is an option.  If you try this, I'd love to hear your results.

Postcard to Pearl---Panama City, Florida Nov. 28, 1952

I believe this postcard is from Pearl's brother, William "Bill" Bryan Jakes, whose wife was Georgia B. Jakes.  The Lula mentioned in the note is the sister of Pearl and Will.

This is the hospital G. B. was in

Dear Pearl, How are you all, fine we hope.  Georgia is getting along fine.  Has to go back to the Dr. today.  I really think these treatments will do her some good.  Hope so any way.  You call Lula.  I try to write you both one at a time Love Bill and All

Address to Mrs. Pearl Cook 1209 Calvin (Ave), Nashville, Tenn.
Postmarked  Nov. 28, 1952  Panama City Florida

Monday, January 02, 2017

Who are you and how do you know my Grandmother? --Part 4

The holidays have been very busy and I wanted to write more about Flora but haven't had much time to research Flora's family.  In previous posts covering this mystery I had mentioned that my Grandmother Pearl had traveled to the Navy Hospital(In Bethesda, MD according to the telegram) near Washington D.C when notified that her son, Morris was there.  I've scanned and read over this post card many times over the years but I just now made the connection with the scene that is on the front.  It is a picture of the fountain in Cincinnati Ohio.  Odd that it wouldn't be something from Washington DC.  Did she stop over in Ohio and buy some postcards there planning to use them to write home.  Was that how she met Flora...on the bus or train?   I have a photo of what remains of the telegram she received from the Navy. Which I'm posting here also. I guess the next step is to find any descendants of Flora and see if they have anything from those years which might over clues.  My parents hadn't married yet so my mother wasn't around while this was going on. She did seem to think that one of Granny's nieces went with her...most likely Sue Bell Thompson--Papaw Cooke's niece(daughter of Rebecca L. Cook and Charlie Thompson).

Picture:  Fountain Square, Cincinnati Ohio
Addressed to :  Miss Magnus Cook 911 Dodson St Old Hickory Tenn
Postmarked Jun 8, 1945 Washington, D.C.

Have just arrived at the Station in Washington.  Have just finished eating.  Have not been out to the hospital yet which is 12 miles out .  Will write again this afternoon.  (From the Back side of post card)
Love, Mother(written on front)

Below is a photo enhanced picture of what is left of the Telegram my grandmother received.  I do not have a copy or know where the letter is that is mentioned in the Telegram.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thomas Adcock's 1860 Agricultural Schedule Entry

Friday's #genchat has me examining an 1860 Agricultural Schedule

I try to catch #genchat on Twitter when I can.  This past Friday(Dec 30) was a #genchat night and the topic was non-population schedules.  I haven't really worked with those a great deal so I went looking thru some of them today.  I found my 3rd Great Grandfather Thomas Adcock in the 1860 Agricultural Schedule for Dekalb County Tennessee.It really does give you some idea of your ancestors position in the community and what life must have been like for them.  As expected my Thomas didn't have much. Thomas Adcock's entry recorded:  3 improved acres, 30 unimproved acres,  His farm value was listed as $300. The value of his farm tools and machinery was listed at $10.  He didn't own any horses but had 1 milch cow and 3 other cows, 9 sheep and 9 pigs.  The total value of his livestock was listed at $100.  He did have 1000 bushels of Indian corn though and 12 lbs of wool.   Other items were 2 bushels of peas or beans, 10 bushels of Irish Potatoes and 200 lbs of butter.Thomas was already poor before the Civil War.

The information from the Federal Population census for the same year shows that he was 43 years old with his wife and 6 of their children still living at home. I hope they had some chickens. Thomas would enlist in the Confederate Army's 1st Infantry Battalion Tennessee Company C. He was captured and taken to Camp Morton Indiana. More information can be found in his Confederate Pension Application and at my webpage which lists his answers from his application and also some of the other applications from that area including his Widow's Confederate Pension Application.

This is the front section of the entry which is found on the right side of the  page.  Addition information is located on the back of that page shown below.  I included a few neighbors on each side of him in order to give an idea of where he ranked

I have listed the headings for the columns of the 1860 Agriculture census schedule below to give you some idea of what information was gathered.  It is kind of hard to tell from the record itself so I had to get some of the headings by looking thru a few pages and finding the least blurred.

1860 Agriculture Census Column Headers

  1. Owner, Agent or Manager of Farm
  2. Acres  Improved
  3. Acres Unimproved.
  4. Cash Value of Farm
  5. Value of farming implements & machinery
  6. Livestock:  Horses
  7. Livestock:  Asses & Mules
  8. Livestock:  Milch Cows
  9. Livestock:  Working Oxen
  10. Livestock:  Other Cattle
  11. Livestock:  Sheep
  12. Livestock:  Swine
  13. Value of Livestock
  14. Wheat, Bushels of
  15. Rye, Bushels of
  16. Indian Corn, Bushels of
  17. Oats, Bushels of
  18. Rice, lbs of
  19. Tobacco, lbs of
  20. Ginned Cotton bales of 400 lbs
  21. Wool lbs of
  22. Peas & Beans, Bushels of
  23. Irish Potatoes, Bushels of
  24. Sweet Potatoes, Bushels of
  25. Barley, Bushels of
  26. Buckwheat, Bushels of
  27. Value of Orchard Produce $
  28. Wine, Gallons of
  29. Value of Produce of Market Goods
  30. Butter, lbs of
  31. Cheese lbs of
  32. Hay, Tons of
  33. Clover seed, Bushels of
  34. Grass Seed, Bushels of
  35. Hops lbs of
  36. Hemp, Dew Rotted Tons of
  37. Hemp, Water Rotted Tons of
  38. Other Prepared Hemp
  39. Flax, lbs of
  40. Flax seed, bushel of
  41. Silk Cocoon, lbs of
  42. Maple Sugar, lbs of
  43. Cane Sugar, hhds of 1000 lbs
  44. Molasses gallons & from what made
  45. Beeswax lbs of
  46. Honey, lbs of
  47. Value of Homemade Manufactures
  48. Value of Animals Slaughtered

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Bazell Riddle --Warren Co Tennessee

"Tennessee Probate Court Books, 1795-1927," images, FamilySearch ( : 22 May 2014), Warren > image 112 of 488; county courthouses, Tennessee.

The following is the tezt from the first page of the project containing the information about what was included, how the project is identified and those involved with the project.

Tennessee  Records of Warren County
Inventories, Sale Bills, Statements, etc.
Book 1 1827-1844
Part 1
Historical Records Project
Official Project No 465-44-3-115
Copied under Works Progress Administration

Mrs. John Trotwood Moore, State Librarian and Archivist, Sponsor
Elizabeth D. Coppedge,  State Director of Women's and Professional Project
Penelope Johnson Allen, State Supervisor
Caroline Small Kelso, Supervisor
Mary Cantrell, Copyist
Mary Cantrell and May Manning, Typist
April 13, 1938

So I went in search of the microfilm of the book from which the WPA made the transcription.

"Tennessee Probate Court Books, 1795-1927," images, FamilySearch ( : 22 May 2014), Warren > image 74 of 328; county courthouses, Tennessee.

Not a lot of difference Indexed as Brazell Riddle pg 96 by the WPA project I was unsuccessful searching for him in the two indexes that were in the book.
From the Inventories, Sales, Wills, 1827-1844, Vol. 01 portion of the records.Between Document dated Jan 2nd 1834 and A will published April 2nd 1835

I have two questions.  Were there 3 items(Horse, bridle, and saddle) for sale or 2(Horse bridle, and saddle).  I know nothing about horses horseback riding or their value today or in that time period.  $31 seems rather low.

Also I'd like to know who are the 5 heirs?

This Bazell is likely the Bazil Riddle that I believe was either the father of Amelia "Milly" Riddle Hitchcock or an older brother.  I find him first receiving land in Warren Co TN 

Entered a claim on Aug 24th 1807
Surveyed May 21st 1808
State Granted March 1st 1809
Recorded May 5th 1809
Total Land in Grant:  93 and 1/2 acres off of Collins River
Sold:  April 10th 1810   9 1/2 acres to  John Helms $40

Land Surveyed:  May 12th 1825  Blue Springs Creek
Sold 28 acres to Wm Edde(likely father to Joseph Edde son-in-law of  Millie Riddle Hitchcock)

Bazil is indexed as Bogle Riddle in the 1805 Roane Co. Tennessee Tax list.  Milly Riddle would marry in Roane Co. TN on March 11th 1806 to George Hitchcock.

On the 1836 tax list and 1840 Federal Census, there is a Britton Riddle living in Warren County.  Could he be kin to Bazil or Milly?

Monday, December 19, 2016

Why I have not tested my mtDNA path

After reading Roberta Estes' blog post about mtDNA The Forgotten Test, I thought about the reasons why I haven't mtDNA tested.  Let's face it....I'm cheap.  I repurpose many fabrics and mend clothes til they are thread bare.  I save seeds and divide plants and bulbs every chance I get.  So my reason would be a financial one in that I can't justify the amount of money spent on a mtDNA test because it doesn't answer as many questions for me as an autosomal test.  If I did do the mtDNA testing I would want to do more than the minimal test and I don't have that kind of extra money available. The atDNA testing is all I have had and all I have bought for several others while they were on sale.  Thinking about this also made me want to recognize the ancestors who are responsible for passing me my mtDNA

Until then I remain a mtDNA carrying descendant of:
Beatrice Luna Cooke
Minnie Acuff Luna
Emma Frances Hale Acuff
Nancy Arminda Hitchcock Hale
Charlotta "Lottie" Fleming Hitchcock
Nancy Combs Fleming
Wife of Mason Combs Jr.