Tuesday, August 09, 2016

My AncestryDNA Circles Spreadsheet strategy

This post is about how I am using the info in my AncestryDNA circle to choose which members in the circle would be most beneficial to ask to upload to GEDmatch.com.  If you are not aware of how DNA circles are formed please see the recommended reading links listed at the end of the article. They do have limitations.  You will need segment matches, chromosome browser, triangulation, documented research working together to prove descent.

I have been using the info from my autosomal DNA test which was done at AncestryDNA to map my DNA segments to my Ancestors.  I downloaded my raw DNA and uploaded to GEDmatch where I can compare to others who have tested at any of the other major sites and uploaded their results to the GEDmatch.com website.   I did also do the transfer to FTDNA of my results and other kits I admin because everyone will not upload to GEDmatch....It would be great...but it's just not going to happen. Much like a chromosome browser at Ancestry.  I can deal with that though.

I've tried setting some goals for my larger DNA circles.  My goal is to get as many of my DNA circle matches to upload as possible.  That said, there are other things I'd like to know in deciding which of those circle members would be the most helpful to my research.  

  • Which of the members have matching DNA segments with me?
  • How many centiMorgans does Ancestry guesstimate we share?
  • Along which path do they descend?
  • Are they uploaded to GEDmatch?
I chose one of my larger DNA circles---Jabel Putman 54 Members of which 24 match my kit.

After navigating to my DNA circles and selecting the Jabel Putman Circle this is what it looks like

From the Circle page I click on LIST to show the matches.  This particular circle has 3 pages of matches.  I opened my notepad and copy and pasted the listing of matches to my kit.  I then edited the info and inserted tabs so I could paste it into a spreadsheet.  I did a FIND & REPLACE ALL with DNA MATCH TO CIRCLE and replace with OOO,  Then I did a FIND & REPLACE ALL with DNA MATCH and replaced that text with XXX.(be careful not to reverse those two if you try this)
Once I had my layout like I wanted it, I pasted the info into a spreadsheet and adjusted the columns and added a column for GEDmatch # LINE(of descent). To really get an idea of what can be gained by seeing the kit at GEDmatch, I also added a SEGMENT MATCH column.  There are several other columns in the circle listing(Admin, Group and Connection Strength) and I chose to keep them with the exception of the image files.  I added formatting to make the spreadsheet more visually informative.  In the rows where the circle member was a DNA match to me (XXX) I shaded those rows a pale green. I began populating the GEDmatch # Column by adding the #s of the matches which I knew had uploaded to GEDmatch. While viewing the matches in List Mode, click on Relationship to determine that members line of descent and note it in the LINE column.  I chose to include the child and the grandchild in that column.  For the Segment Match column I viewed the profile for the matches(those with XXX), clicked on the i while viewing to find the guesstimated amount of shared DNA  After I had gotten the spreadsheet populated and formatted to my liking, I sorted by those who had XXX in the match column adding the word ASK in the GEDmatch # column for those who matched me but who had not yet uploaded to that site.

Below is a screenshot of a copy of my spreadsheet(I edited out/modified usernames)
It's a pretty good representation of the randomness of DNA inheritance even though we really have no way of knowing 100% for sure if this ancestor is responsible for the segment match

Looking at the spreadsheet now lets me know the answers to my earlier questions and will let me make the most of my time when contacting my matches and recommending that they upload to GEDmatch..

Recommended reading to learn about AncestryDNA's Circles
Genealogy Junkie's AncestryDNA starter page

Also Roberta Estes' DNA Explained has many articles about AncestryDNA circles.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Will of Peter Goodwin--Written 29 Nov 1834--Proved Jan 1836 Term--Dickson Co. TN, USA

My attempt at Transcription of the will of Peter Goodwin.  Please consult original and images for accuracy as I am human.

Will of Peter Goodwin
Written Nov 29 1834--Dickson County Tennessee, USA
Proved and ordered to be recorded January Term 1836

Cover page:

No. 68
Peter Goodwin's Last Will
pro. at Jany 1836

State of Tennessee Court of  Pleas & Quarter Session January Term 1836
Dickson County

Then was the within last will & testament of Peter Goodwin dec'd produced in open court and proven to be such by the oaths of

James Thedford and George W. Tatom subscribing witnesses there to which was ordered to be recorded
Test Field Farrar Clk
By his Deputy Tho. J. Kelly

State of Tennessee Dickson County
Then was the within last will and testament
of Peter Goodwin dec'd record in book A page 139
Test Field Farrar Clk.

Written Will:

In the Name of God Amen I Peter Goodwin of the County
 of Dickson and State of Tennessee Being in a low state
of health but of perfict(sic) mind and memory do this day
my last will and Testament in a maner(thi and form
Following to wit
1st I gave(sic) to my beloved wife Sally Goodwin all
my estate both real and personal During hir
Natural life or widowhood and after hur death to be devided as follows
I geve to my Five Youngist children Lusy Goodwin
Sabry(**) Goodwin William Goodwin Peter Goodwin John
Goodwin after the death of my wife all of my real and
pershable property consisting of lands horses cattle hogs
household and kitchen Furneture to gather with my
farming tools of evary kind to be sold and equally
devided amongst the five youngist above named
children and lastly I apint Thomas Murrell
and George W. Tatom sole Executors of this my
last will and testament
Peter Goodwin
X  (his mark & seal)

Sind(sic) sealed and Delivered in
presents of us this 29th day
of November in the year of hour(sic) lord
one thousand eight hundrad and thirty four
James Thedford (Signature)
George W Tatom (Signature)

(**) This is corrected? to Sal in all other rewritten documents but I see a difference in the way he wrote this child's name and the way he wrote his wife, Sally's name. Not really sure what it is.  Too it looks like a bad spelling of Sarah/ Sary  See below

There are at least 4 records of this will at Ancestry.com.  This serves as a great example of why it is important to check all copies of a document.  While the Cover page says it is recorded in Book A. the recorded will image is listed as being in Vol B-C 1803-1929 Dickson Co. TN Wills

There is a Marriage Record for a Peter Goodwin and a Sally Camp in Halifax Co Virginia on 27 Jun 1803. Not sure if that is who this couple is or not though some of the trees at Ancestry do have that listed for them.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Blaine T. Bettinger's Update to The Shared cMs Project

More improvements in helping to determine possible relationships given the amount of shared cMs between matches in Autosomal DNA testing.

Blaine T. Bettinger's Update to The Shared cMs Project

Great info for those using Autosomal DNA testing in genealogy research or to locate unknown/lost family lines.

Monday, May 30, 2016

DNA Logic Puzzles

My Dad always loved the Logic puzzles in the Dell Puzzles Magazines. As I'm working on DNA matches today I can't help thinking about him.  Not just because I am working on my paternal matches but that he would like the logic I am using.  While I have had my DNA results and those of my Mom for over a year, my sister's results came in not long ago and we now have her kit at GEDmatch. She is a full sibling but there seems to be a good variation in the people which we match due to the randomness in the 50% which you get from each of your parents..  What does that mean for me? I can take her kit....run it with Mom's to phase out Mom's matches and create a kit of Sis' DNA she got from Dad...which I can then compare to my DNA which I got from Dad.  If I know that one of us matches Dad's Mom along one segment..and it's a segment that we don't match along....I then know that the other one of us matches Dad's Dad along that segment which we don't have in common.  After all...Dad only had two to offer...so you got one or the other.

An Example:
Chromosome 4 on my Paternal side(which I can see by using the phased kit) I have a section from about 4-40 which I know I can attribute to my Paternal Grandmother's  Morrow/Sutton lines. My Sister has NONE of these same matches along that same segment of her Paternal side(I can again distinguish her Paternal from her Maternal matches by using the phased kit of her DNA she got from Dad mentioned earlier).  By this I can conclude that the matches along that segment for her are from my Paternal Grandfather's side and somewhere back along the Cook/Putman or King/Manire lines.

While this won't solve all of my unknowns, it is a big help in knowing where to look for the connection for these matches. So many times I wish that the matches had some idea of which side I match them along.This is one of the greatest things about having a parent and a full sibling that have also tested.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Visual representation of Chromosome mapping

This is my daughter Brittany's Chromosome map. She and I both have done the autosomal test as have her maternal grandmother and paternal grandmother.

In addition to her grandmothers testing she has a maternal aunt and a paternal uncle who have also tested as well as several Paternal Great Aunts & a Great Uncle.  This will help to sort thru her matches.

MGF--Cooke/King  & Jakes/Frizzell
MGM- Acuff/Hale & Luna/Pittman
PGF- Beckman/Folley & Harper/Mattox
PGM-Mosley/Hogland & Demonia/Brantley

This segment map is a screenshot from the GenomeMate Pro program which I use to help track my matches for kits I manage.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

AncestryDNA's new update: Before & After comparison using my kits

After 2+ weeks without matches to my AncestryDNA kits and waiting on my sister's kit to finish processing the results are in.  As I logged on shortly after lunch today I saw this message and started seeing my sister as a match in the kits I manage.

I have several kits at AncestryDNA:  Mine, My Mom's kit and my Daughter's kit.
I made note prior to the changes of the amount of Hints, 4th Cousins & Greater, DNA Circles, New Ancestor Discoveries and pages of matches each of the kits had.  The chart below shows a comparison.  I did expect the amount of circles to decrease as some people fell out of the match range. My sister's kit had no data prior to the roll out as it had not processed.

Now I am hoping to get her kit to GEDmatch.  Have you tested at Ancestry?  How did yours compare?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Did you receive an email from Ancestry Support Forum?

NO NEED TO PANIC: If you are one of those who has gotten an email from Ancestry Support to change your password, don't panic. As someone who uses the support there I also got this email.  It was sent so that you can be transitioned to Ancestry Support Forum's new platform. What you are changing is the password you used to log on the Ancestry Support Forum....NOT changing your Ancestry Password. The Ancestry Support section has had a separate log on from your Ancestry subscription acct for as long as I've used it. That's not to say that you didn't use the same password or username when you created the Support log on that you did your Ancestry acct. but the email is legit if you check the headers and it looks something like this

From: Ancestry Support
Sender: noreply@salesforce.com 
To: rmbeck***@gmail.com 
Subject: Welcome to Ancestry Support! 

There has been a notice below the masthead at the Ancestry Support Forums for a good while now announcing that they were changing to a new platform. You can navigate to the new site from the Ancestry.com site by Selecting HELP from the menu and choosing Support Center from that drop down menu..

[Update:  As a member and reader of several online forums I had watched the panic spread about the email and posted this only to let my fellow researchers know that it was a legitimate.

I agree it was not the best means to announce the change....however the email was consistent in form with those I get when someone adds info to their tree, shares a tree or DNA with me  or when Ancestry "Discovers" new hints.]

DISCLAIMER:  While I use many products and services in my research I am not affiliate with any of the companies who provide any products or services I have used. Any products or services I use were paid for by me. If at any time I receive free products or services, I will state that before my review or opinion.  I do not speak for or represent any of these companies.  My opinions are just that...MY opinions just as you are free to form your own opinions

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Reminder to Tennessee Residents--Select Genealogy Databases Available thru TEL

If you are resident of Tennessee you have access to a number of genealogy databases from the comfort of your home thru the Tennessee Electronic Library 

Currently you can access the following thanks to TSLA's agreement with Ancestry.com.

Tennessee, Delayed Birth Records, 1869-1909
Tennessee, Death Records, 1908-1958
Tennessee, City Birth Records, 1881-1915
North Carolina and Tennessee, Early Land Records, 1753-1931
Tennessee, Early Tax List Records, 1783-1895
Tennessee, Enumeration of Male Voters, 1891
North Carolina and Tennessee, Revolutionary War Land Warrants, 1783-1843
Tennessee, City Death Records, 1872-1923
Tennessee, Wills and Probate Records, 1779-2008
Web: Tennessee, Supreme Court Case Index, 1809-1950

HeritageQuest(made available thru ProQuest) and a few other databases are available as well.  Some may require your library name and card number while other's will check your IP address to iusure you are in Tennessee.

If you are a resident of another state, check with your state library to see what they offer.  I think it's highly likely that they too have some free databases available.

Names from Williamson Co TN--1838 Tax list for Dist 25

Snippet from the C section of the 1838 Tax list for Williamson Co Tennessee's 25th Dist. which includes my Wm C Cook and Joseph Cook among the Crick family which married heavily in the Putman(Wm. C's in-laws) family.

Names shown on the Dist 25 listing.  The writing was a bit difficult to read but not as bad as some I've come across.  I'm sure there are errors on my part.

Williamson Co TN
1838 Tax List Names
p. 265 p. 266 p. 267 p. 268 p. 269
Thomas Berry James Gillespie Harper Lamb E. G. Porter Robert Taylor Sr.
C. W. Brooks Carol B Haley Merriman Lamb William K Ransom Wm ? Taylor
Wilson Basham Thomas Hendrix Delilah Landrum Josiah Reed Vincent Taylor
N.D. Cowan Anderson Hall William Little Clarence Reed Valentine Taylor
John Jr. Crick Miles Holstead Andy Lewis William Reed Robert Taylor Jr.
Jacob Crick Joseph Holstead David Lamb Jr. James Reeves Thomas S. Taylor
Wm H. Crick Benjamin Holstead John Little Sr. Willis Richardson William Taylor
Job Cooper E. W Hendrix William Lamb James Richardson Benjamin B Taylor
John Creek William Hill John Little Jr. John Ransom Wm. D. Tharp
A. C. Crick Robert A Hunt Alfred Little Elizabeth Ransom John C Wilks
Wm C Cook John Hogan Thomas Lamb Richard Ransom heirs John Wood
Joseph Cook Mary Hendrix William Malone Kinchen Reed heirs Harvy Winsett
E ? Crick Francis Jackson Sr. Robert Maxwell Samuel B. Robison David Young
Thomas Call Sarah Jackson William McCoy Hiram Ray
Gideon Cole William Jackson William Putman Jane Seay
Thomas Carlton Thomas Jones Hardy Pope Jr. John Sharber
Thomas Cole Thomas Jackson Charles Pope John E. Sharber
Uriah Call Nathan Jackson Abner Potts John G. Smotherman
Richard Crittenden Frank Jackson Nancy Putman HB & JO Snell
Henry Cowan Richard Jackson James Putman John Sharber Sr.
Felix Grundy Crick Samuel Jackson Noah Putman Thomas Taylor (young)
Good Davis Barram Lamb John H. Pryer James C Taylor
E.C. Eggleston Thomas Landrum Amos Putman Thomas Taylor Sr
John W Eggleston John Landrom Hardy Pope Sr. William Trails
Wiliam Fear David Lamb Sr. Hillary Paterson Joseph Taylor
William C Lewis Hiram Putman James J Taylor
Thomas Priest

1840 Williamson Co TN Census Head of Households

A look at the head of households in Dist 25 of Williamson Co TN in the 1840 Federal Census.  This is the area where Joseph S Cook AND Wm C Cook are listed among the tax records in 1838.  Wm C Cook is listed among the tax records of Bedford County's 10th Dist in two tax years prior to that(1836 & 1837)

1840 Williamson Co., TN
25th District
p. 204A p. 205A p. 206A
William Foard John Owen John W. Eggleston
Uriah Call William Landrum John Landrum
E. W. Hendrics Danl Sherwood Amos Putman
Carroll Haley Silas Winset Jabez Putman
William Hill Harley Winset Thomas Call
Felix G Crick David Lamb James C Taylor
Thomas Lamb E C Eggleston Mrs. Prince
Harper Lamb Joseph Holstead E. G. Porter
William Putman Delila Landrum David Ray
James Putman Mrs. Holstead  Josiah Reed
Edmond Woods W. Trails James D. Gillespie
John L. Little W. ? Thomas Taylor
E Ray William Wills William Taylor
Vincent Taylor John Sharber Thomas ? Taylor
William Reed Johnn Sharber* Thomas L. Taylor*
David Young John Roland Joseph Taylor
Hiram Putman Francis Jackson James J. Taylor
Clemmon Reid Joseph Spence Robert Taylor Sr
Willam McDaniel David Lamb John Jones
Joseph Webb Francis Jackson Sr Mrs. Martha Webb
Robert A Hunt Richard Jackson Hillery Paterson
Charles Pope William Hargroves John Sharber
John Crick Jr Jno. H. Pryor Thomas Jones
Jacob Crick Mrs. H. Davis Newton C Creek
William D Tharp Barham Lamb William H. Creek
Job Cooper Mark Crick Mary F Hendrick
William Jackson Edmond Crick John Little
M. L. Covington John Creek Sr J. C. Little
Jonathan Lamb John Hogan Thomas L. Hendrick
James Vannata Alferd Little Thomas Hendrick

* Name is not a duplicate and households differ in age breakdowns.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Finally have New Ancestor Discoveries at AncestryDNA

After having results for my Autosomal DNA testing from AncestryDNA for a year and four months I am finally just now getting New Ancestor Discoveries.  I had contacted them last year about not having any despite my both my Mother and my Daughters test having In Common New Ancestor Discoveries that I should have also have gotten since my daughter would have gotten them from me.
Their response was a canned one see copy and paste below:

I told them that their response was not logical given the info I mentioned above.  My tree does have almost 9000 people in it but that is hardly large in comparison to a lot of the trees hosted there.

Interestingly enough the New Ancestor Discoveries that I have are not the ones that my Mom and my Daughter share(which my daughter would have gotten from me)  These are Paternal New Ancestor Discoveries.  I can tell because they all have one thing in common--the Putman line which is my Dad's Great Grandmother's line.  My daughter now has these in addition to the Maternal New Ancestor Discoveries she had.  She also has another New Ancestor Discovery which is not showing in mine yet and which also ties to the Putman family.

In addition to these New Ancestor Discoveries I also have a  new milestone of 600 4th cousin or closer matches.  Perhaps my sister's DNA results will be in soon.  The status on it went to lab processing last week.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ethnic results updated at DNALand

Admittedly I have not done much at DNAland other than register and upload my autosomal DNA test but I had heard that they have new Ethnic breakdown results so I went to check it out.  I think my original results was very generic there.  Something like 90+ European. Seems to be somewhat better now(see the screenshots below)  I still only have one close match there who is also a match at FTDNA.  This match is on my paternal side but beyond that I cannot tell where the connection is since my request to work together to find the connection has went unanswered.  I am sending an update and I hope that will spark a response.

Shows the Ethnic Breakdown in pie chart form

This shows where on the map the ethnic matches were located.

A more detailed explanation of that is included or not included in each grouping.  This varies from site to site--at Ancestry..the ones available at GEDmatch, 23&me and FTDNA.  To date this is the best explanation of what is included  at this site ....the other sites need something like this.  If they have it...it is not easily found.