Thursday, June 29, 2017

Reminder about Obituary information

Most researchers know that obituaries are often littered with errors. Names omitted---wrong info given because of the survivors' state of mind and countless other reasons.  I think my family takes the cake on it though.  My Great Grandmother Emma Frances Hale(Mrs. James Polk Acuff) is listed in her brother's obit in 1947[Sam Hale--Southern Standard (McMinnville, TN) ]despite the fact that she died in 1939.  My family really does need to stay in touch more. Today I found another example while checking the obits for my Aunts and Uncles.  This one I found today is likely to be a typo that no one caught.

My Dad's brother, Morris Bradford Cooke's obit list the year of death wrong.  It was 1994 when he died.  The obituary is in The Tennessean, (Nashville, TN) 12 Mar 1994, Sat, Page 16.  His Mother, my paternal grandmother died in July of 1993.  I know he was alive then as I was at her funeral and he was there.  We have the creepy picture by the casket to back that up also.  I have no idea why we do happens a lot in my family.  I think it is fairly obvious if you look at all the other obituaries on the page and the date of publication.  If there is any doubt,  I may have to find those pics.

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