Tuesday, November 22, 2016

We're Related....Maybe...

I've had the We're Related app installed on my phone and hooked to my tree at Ancestry and my Facebook account for a few weeks.  As of today, I've had about 42 suggestions.   Some of them I know up to the point of the Most Recent Common Ancestor.  My favorite suggestions are those who are Facebook friends.  I will actually look into their side of the tree up to the MRCA or have them check it out.  I think when you get to the 7th cousin point, if your family has been in the country(USA)  since the early 1700s, then you are going to be kin to almost every other famous person with colonial lines.

Are any of them correct....who knows. I am way more interested in the Facebook Friends because those are(for the most part) real people.  I did get a bit excited about Jimi Hendrix, Stephen King, Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson.  The Miley Cyrus connection...not so much.  I would say..take them with a grain of salt....or a block.  If they help you to make a break thru in your research, that's great.  However, I feel they are more for entertainment and a way of advertising.

PersonCousinSideMRCASurname ConnectionNotes
Zachary Taylor3C5RPGFWilliam Strother IIIElizabeth Putman
Rachel Reeves4C3RPGMReuban ManleyReuban ManleyFB Friend
Benjamin Franklin4C9RMGMSir Wm. JonesJames P Hitchcock
Abraham Lincoln5C4RPGFHancock LeeNancy Tyler
Henry David Thoreau5C5RPGMRichard ChurchJames Morrow
Ralph Waldo Emerson5C5RPGMGiles HopkinsJames Morrow
Blake Sheldon6CMGMCain AcuffJonathan Acuff
Theodore Roosevelt6C1RPGFThomas CarterNancy Tyler
Christinia Aguilera6C2RPGFJohn CarterElizabeth Putman
Jimmy Hendrix6C2RMGMElizabeth IngoJonathan Acuff
Helen Keller6C3RPGFThomas ToddElizabeth Putman
Mark Twain6C3RMGFOwen GriffithKeziah Rigsby
Bill Clinton7CMGFBeatrice SpierMary Pitman
Brad Pitt7C1RMGFElizabeth BlairFrances Bolling
Luke Bryan7C2RMGFJohn BollingFrances Bolling
Kate Upton7C2RPGMHannah HopkinsJames Morrow
Jessica Simpson7C2RMGFMary CrawfordKeziah Rigsby
Barack Obama7C2RMGFDavid LewisKeziah Rigsby
Jeannie S.7C2RPGFFrances ArmisteadNancy TylerFB Friend
Ann Coulter8CMGFRobert BollingFrances Bolling
Carol W.8CMGFJohn RedfordJohn RedfordFB Friend
Whitney Houston8CMGFPatience CottonMary Pittman
Kristen Stewart8CMGMThomas NelsonMason Combs
Carrie Fisher8C1RPGFWilliam StrotherElizabeth Putman
Miley Cyrus8C1RPGFThomas CarterElizabeth Putman
Marilyn Monroe8C1RMGFAnne StithFrances Bolling
Melinda B.8C1RMGFElizabeth Smith CrawfordKeziah RigsbyFB Friend
Kurt Cobain8C1RMGFJohn LewisKeziah Rigsby
W.C. Fields8C1RMGFJane CrawfordKeziah Rigsby
Britney Spears8C1RMGFJohn LewisKeziah Rigsby
Winston Churchill8C1RMGFKathrine KennedyMargaret Lauderdale
Lady Gaga8C1RPGMEdward RichardsNancy Harger
Eminem8C1RPGMJohn MerrymanNancy Harger
Stephen King8C1RPGMElizabeth SpringNathan Frizzell
Matt Damon8C1RPGMJohn GaleNathan Frizzell
Blake Lively8C2RMGFRobert BollingFrances Bolling
Demi Lovato8C2RMGFAnne BetteFrances Bowles
Walt Disney8C2RMGFJohn CrawfordKeziah Rigsby
Megan Z9CPGFThomas ToddElizabeth PutmanFB Friend
Johnny Depp9CMGFWilliam RandolphFrances Bolling
John F. Kennedy9CMGFJohn RandolphFrances Bolling
Sharlene Woodley9CMGFJulian JarrellMary Pittman Luna

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